Things people said after they learned FPJ is running for Prexy:

Living up to the title of the “text generation” so-called, I and my housemate went into a frenzy of sending text messages after FPJ announced his intention to run for the highest government post in the country (shivers).

These are the replies we got, in no particular order:

1. Siyeet! (short and simple!)

2. Let us process our passports;
Pag manalo siya, I’ll migrate na lang sa ibang bansa;
Mag aabroad na lang ako. (These came from three different people)

3. GOD SAVE THE PHILIPPINES! (Is it the end of the world?)

4. We need to pray hard that we will not commit the same mistakes- only prayers can save us. (Desperate?)

5. ‘Di tumakbo siya. Kahit sino pwede tumakbo. Kaya lang nakararami ang voters na bobo dito sa atin. (ouch!)

6. He’s obviously a puppet. Hay. Ang puppet masters mga wala din kwenta. Grabe. We need educated thinking voters. (Grabe talaga!)

Enough said!

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