Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas!

I turned 20 last week. The day before, I somehow felt down, though I cannot really pin down the reason for my melancholy. Maybe the idea of going past “teenhood” had not sunken in yet, or maybe because I wasn’t celebrating my birthday with my family. Well, maybe not. It’s irritating how the World AIDS Day coincides with my birthday. Anyway, celebrating my 20th year of existence on this planet the following day turned out fine. One friend even commented I looked “mabango” and “maporma,” not knowing it was my birthday.

Chowking (groan, not again) was the venue of my not-so big blowout. My friends and housemates feasted over lauriats, gulamans, and wanton noodles (for long life!).

The brightly lit Carabao Park, which I consider a spin-off of the Baywalk concept, was our next destination. One should not miss to cross the bridge to get a different feel of the floating “Belen” and the entire experience.

Coincidentally, cool crisp air enveloped the evening of the first day of December, one of the many signs that Christmas is indeed just around the corner. Other symptoms of the Yuletide season are the bazaars mushrooming just about everywhere, and the conflicting schedules of Christmas parties. Though there are more meaningful and other reasons for celebrating this event.

Merry Christmas!

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