Taken care of

A friend once said that human organizations are subject to human frailties. The rationalization program (cutely euphemized as “rightsizing” by others) of the Arroyo Administration enabled us to practice our administrative skills especially on organizational development. We revisited our mandate as the premiere planning body of the Philippine government, as well as our core functions in order to guide us in assessing our effectiveness and efficiency which is the ultimate goal of the program.

In the process, we were able to identify what we loosely called “issues,” the nature of which are either systemic, process, and operational ones. But it failed to consider a unique issue that doesn’t fall into any of the identified category that greatly affects an institution’s effectiveness and efficiency, that is personal/character issues.

It’s only now that I’m beginning to appreciate how and why companies explicitly indicate “pleasing personality” as their criteria in hiring, or at least in advertising, to fill in its job vacancies. The criteria is often overlooked by any (self-absorbed) applicant. Anyway, who on earth would profess that he or she is not “pleasing,” at least personality-wise if not aesthetically? Its importance is further magnified like any other leadership trait if its manifestations are sought or questioned in the upper rungs of an organization. A proven lack or absence of which may translate to a demoralized or tentative constitutency, unsure of where to position itself given the tainted capacity of the management.

Once unheard voices are now gradually turning into hushed murmurs. Rumors are slowly becoming facts. Dense individuals are becoming more sensitive of their surroundings, as if now walking around on egg-shells. All are playing the waiting game, of what and when it will end, no one really knows. Preparing for the battle already puts one in a state of war, Machiavelli once said. As we load our ammunitions and take a final check on our armor, I can only hope all will be well albeit not in the near future. I admire those who have withstood debilitating moral injuries and yet continue to fight the battle, taking it to the last drop of their sweat and blood.

Uncertainty clouds my vision as we undergo this phase, and I remain adamant to such human frailty which damages ones reputation and morale. The damage has been done, and the compensation for which is yet to be determined– if such exists at all and is obtainable.


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