Guten Abend!

I am not about to end this blog after three months of posting. No, not again. I’ve just been so busy as soon as the year and work days started.

Today, I started my class at the Goethe Institute. Our diverse class of 20 consists of Eurolinuga Deutsch hopefuls whose reasons for learning are as varied as well. Some are college students who are their “just for fun,” while some are there to culturally broaden their horizons. One, like me, is hoping to grab a scholarship in Deutschland, though not this winter semester. Three are expecting to undergo the “Au pair,” a system or agency where one can apply as a nanny and just go through a basic processing in the German Embassy.

I’m still struggling with pronouncing my umlauts, guttural “ch” as in Achtung, and disposing my rolling “r” and preconceived notions of the language and comparing it with English. The first day was manageable and enjoyable mainly because of our multi-lingual teacher, Greg, an American who speaks German and learning French but living in the Philippines.


2 thoughts on “Guten Abend!”

  1. Thanks, I’m doing it just for fun and hopefully for practical reasons in the future. =)

    Kanya-kanyang pinagkakaabalahan lang ‘yan. =)

    Good luck din!

  2. naks, buti ka pa u have the time to study a different language… kudos to you…

    now if only i can manage to squeeze in a few hours a day to enroll in a language class…

    gud lak talaga sa akin. working (with badminton in between), studying every saturday. ha… sunday na lang natira… gud lak talaga…

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