Wilkommen in Freiburg Part 2

Ho-kay. after almost 26 hours of travelling, I finally reached Freiburg im Breisgau. I only realized I had a one-hour stop over in Bangkok when I reached Brunei, where I spent a four-hour transit. However, the itinerary I was provided by the travel agency indicated this information all the while!

The weather here can be likened to that in Manila during the months of January and February, which is the coldest it can get. I’m still feeling a bit our of sorts from the long trip, different weather, and a walkathon around town which begun as soon as I dropped off my luggage in the hotel.

I was picked up at the train station by Juan Carlos, from Bolivia, and a University of Freiburg student who is in the same program as I am, but will be graduating this coming October. He was patient enough to show me around despite his busy schedule as he’s in the process of finishing his thesis. In no particular order, we’ve accomplished the following within the day:

1. Visit the faculty of the University which will become my turf for the next two years, wherein I was able to meet Esther, the Program Coordinator, at long last.

2. Buy a plug adapter for my laptop battery charger in Omega. And mind you, I was able to go there on my own this afternoon to replace the adapter which wasn’t compatible with my laptop’s cable.

3. Eat in Wok Man (no kidding), a Chinese place, where I had chopsuey, and, believe it or not, steamed rice! The typical meal of rice and toppings costs around 6 Euros, and I had a hefty serving of chopsuey fit for 3 people.

4. Drop by Mensa (cafeteria), and buy a card which I can reload and pay for my meals, valid for the entire month of August.

5. The grand Münster, which looked more like a touristy place due to the, uh, tourists coming and going, rather than a place of worship.

That’s all for now, or at least that’s what my mind can serve me for now.



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