End of days… sort of

CNN’s report on a spy satellite to hit the earth in a few weeks looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. To take it a little further, one option is to shoot it down with a missile while it is still airborne. I wonder if we will be seeing bits of satellite panels floating about on the clear blue skies of March. If it makes a safe landing, even if it’s very unlikely, in someone’s backyard, then we’ve got a lucky ebay auctioneer.

But more likely, it will end up to be a big chunk of twisted metal, laden with heavy metals and outer space substances. Maybe NASA should put up a the great jigsaw puzzle project, and once the satellite’s complete, retrofit it into their new office. Now that’s what I call a mobile office.

And while satellites are falling down from the sky, Virgin Galactic will be sending people to space sooner than later. Will they sell one way tickets?


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