100 Kwentong Peyups (100 stories of UP)

The Philippine Daily Inquirer published today an article I wrote (Section C, page 5). It is one of a hundred stories the University of the Philippines (UP), my alma mater, publishes in major dailies in celebration of its centenary this year. I recounted the roller coaster ride I took to get a slot in the university, and eventually a UP education, arguably the best education one can get in my homeland.

Unfortunately it is not available online and you have to buy the paper to read it!

Updated: click the photo above to read the article. I especially like the artwork!

(newspaper and photo courtesy of my mother and brother. Salamat!)



  1. Hi Tye!

    Thank you! That’s the power of internet. I didn’t get hold of a copy of the paper, so I asked my mom to send me a photo. 🙂

    Enjoy UPLB. UPLB- I like!



  2. Hi! I was able to read your article the day it was published at PDI. Congrats!

    Amazing lang that I bumped unto it again here on the net.

    Fellow UPLB student din pala ako. 🙂


  3. @jadz:

    yeah..I’m still a student. Infact, a freshman. 🙂

    Being one of the hundreds of hopefuls (waitlisted),I was about to get interviewed days after your article was printed on PDI,it certainly cheered me up and gave me hope to keep going on whatever happens.

    CHEERS. 😀


  4. hi faye,


    I’m glad you can relate to my experience. Are you still a student? In that case, enjoy your stay in UPLB!



  5. hey!

    I’ve read this article of yours months ago and was relieved to see it again here in the internet.

    Your article helped me a lot through many things because like you, I’m a waitlisted too. :))

    well done! 🙂


  6. Drew, my sister (your fellow iskolar ng bayan hehe) was able to read the article you wrote. She told me about it when I called. She got really excited to see your article. ^^

    I’m proud of you.

    About your other post: I saw your blog about ‘Dialogue in the Dark’. There’s one in Seoul, too! Hopefully, I’d be able to go there soon.


  7. wow, ganda naman ng article. hmm.. ganun din kasi ako eh.. waaaah.. Congrats,,

    mharra de mesa
    BSHE-batch 02


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