Role: model

After my brief stint as a DAAD model last month, I booked another opportunity to flash my pearly whites for a photoproject of Manfred Zahn in partnership with the university (link in German). Yesterday, I posed as one of the subjects of Manfred and his assistant Marguy, an archeology student (I think she considered me as an exotic artifact). It started with an interview about my life here as a Filipino student in Freiburg, what brought me here and what I like most, and my big question and visions in life. After the Q&A which lasted for almost 20 minutes, they rolled out and assembled the flash and the light. He noticed the tidiness of my room which, of course, I cleaned a few minutes before they arrived.

While they set up the lights, stacked some books as props (like I always do), I found my comfortable pose and position in bed (why doesn’t that sound so wholesome?). He clicked away and the lights flashed simultaneously as I beamed for his camera. Something’s telling me I am better off in front of the camera rather than behind it.

My patient and amiable photo crew modeling for me. c”,)


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