Cuil is hot

I’ve been reading a lot about Cuil, the new search engine in town. It boasts searching over 100 billion website. I made a cuil search of this blog using the search words “Freiburg blog” and it churned out no result, unlike in Google where it is ranked second. Based on other tech website, Cuil uses a different algorithm for its searches that is based on content and not on popularity like how Google works. The website layout is neat though, if that is significant at all. The three-column layout of the result is more appealing than Google’s in any case.

And oh, by the way, the developers of Cuil are ex-Google techies. The website is still at its early stage, and I can’t say I’m too hot about it. If they make a dent on Google’s niche, that’s the time I would say… Cuil-ness!


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