Hiking to Schoenberg

I am taking another shot at video-editing after my first attempt with and reviewing jumpcut. This one is about my class’s excursion to Schoenberg the other day. I wanted to include some photos but had major trouble doing so. First facebook wouldn’t accept the photos I wanted to upload and plan to import to jumpcut. When I successfully uploaded some of the photos to facebook, jumpcut would pretend to recognize the ‘importation’ but it won’t show up in my ‘photos’ section. I tried flickr, no luck. I directly uploaded it to jumpcut itself and yielded the same disappointing result. The photos finally showed up when I was finishing the whole project!

I skipped lunch to do this video including adding the photos. I used my ancient Dell laptop for the uploads (the other day) and today’s editing. I did about five takes with the voice-recording thru my Asus EEE PC. To synchronize the voice-over with the clip, I played the video on my Dell while recording in the Asus. All in all I put in at least six hours of work to do a two-minute “movie”!

Comments are very much appreciated! Enjoy the movie!



  1. Nice stuff, keep doing this and improve the camera focus, maybe also the perspective, you catched the moment!


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