My DAAD scholarship in Germany

I have received quite a number of queries on how I got my scholarship here in Germany. The DAAD or the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, or in English, the German Academic Exchange Service granted me a two-year scholarship to pursue a MSc in Environmental Governance programme at the University of Freiburg.

There are other courses that being funded by the DAAD. If you’re from a developing country, like the Philippines, browse through their catalogue for 2009/2010. These are the courses they support under their ‘potgraduate courses with relevance to developing countries’ facility.

I have other colleagues who got scholarships from other organizations for which you may also be eligible to apply (may you be from the Philippines or elsewhere). If you are interested, just send me a note or leave a comment.

Update (19 January 2017): Check out this website for information.

Image copied from DAAD website.


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  1. Hi, I’m Ayana from India and just got a call for a scholarship Interview from DAAD. I just wanted to know what questions can I expect in a DAAD Scholarship Interview.

    1. Hello Ayana, i applied for an Architecture DAAD scholarship since september and i still didn’t get a reply from them , is it a good or bad thing ? can you tell me when you applied for your scholarship ?

  2. Hi there 🙂

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the DAAD PPGG Scholarship application process? I received news 2 weeks ago that I had been selected for the program. I followed their instructions and uploaded my application via the online portal. I was told I should receive an official letter of award from the portal in 2 weeks time. I still haven’t heard anything from them though. How long does it usually take to get the official letter of award? If anyone has any info on the process once you have been selected for the scholarship that would be GREAT! 🙂

      1. Hello Andrew,

        I am Ravi from Bengaluru, India.
        I applied for my Msc. Program in Germany and recently I was asked to get on a telephonic interview with course manger regarding the scholarship position. I did my interview quite well, I want to know the chances of getting DAAD scholarship after giving a telephonic interview.

      2. Hi Ravi, congratulations on your interview! You’re one step closer to getting that DAAD scholarship. Can you share the questions they asked you? Feel free to email me if you prefer. I want to know more about you, the program, and the interview itself. I hope you can keep in touch.

    1. Hi Anne,

      I hope you´re having a great time in Germany!

      I kinda have the same doubts you had at this point of the process, I have applied for next year, but for me it´s totally unclear what happens after December; the universities don´t give further information and I haven´t met anyone yet who has experience with the program. It would be wonderful if you could tell us how did it go, when you finally received the official letter of award and what happend next? 🙂

      Thank you so much for your help in advance,

      Kind regards,

  3. hi Andrew, my name is Putri From Indonesia, first of all thank for your information about the DAAD Scholarship.
    i was Applied for PPGG-DAAD 2015/2016 programme by the end of August. i am wondering about this programme process because there is (so far i know) unclear information.
    1. is there any Interview during the process or will they go directly to the final result?
    2.i’ve got two notification From one of two university which i hope to attend, but they informed me same email content (the last one just arrived one week ago and the first one came by the end of august) and for sure i finds it confusing because there is no schedule information appeared.
    2. are the Letter of Recommendations and the Statement of Purpose letter put a very important rules for the final result?

    any information from you would be great, thanks for your time

  4. Hi Sir 🙂 Greetings! It feels great to have stumbled into your blog. Im currently trying to understand all the requisites inorder to qualify for DAAD…Im a nurse currently working in a dental clinic here in KSA. My contract is 2 yrs. Since I came here, I have been greatly interested to pursue dentisry…Would it be possible to start my application here even if I’m not in our country of origin(Philippines). I was wondering if only limited course options are offered for The Phils..I cant remember what part of the DAAD page was that but when I browsed for bachelor courses,Phils is not among it…

    1. Hi Myrrh!

      I’m not very sure of the process, but I have a hunch that embassies will require you to get the student visa from your country of origin. But it’s just a hunch, so get in touch with the German embassy there in KSA for more information.

      As far as I know, DAAD only supports post-graduate studies (Master and PhD degrees) for Filipinos. Is it correct you are thinking of studying a Bachelor in Dentistry? There are other factors to consider, one of which is language. Why don’t you do your Bachelor degree in the Philippines, and specialize in Germany?

      ‘Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Your blog is very informative and helpful! As a Filipino applicant who is hopeful to get the DAAD scholarship. Can you give me some tips on how should I write the recommendation letters? What criteria do they usually look for? For example in Erasmus Mundus, the consortium usually wants students who can are determine, very smart, and passionate.

  6. Hi everyone, this time I need your help and ideas.

    What other specific tips and instructions would you guys like to know more about applying for scholarships? What about writing application letters? Any other aspects of the application process? Please let me know!

  7. Hi Andrew,

    I am a graduate in architecture (with 74% marks) currently working as an architect in Delhi with an experience of 4 years. My wife is an architect planner (with 76% marks in architecture and CGPA 8.29 in City planning) working as a research associate and has an experience of 2 years. We both want to study in Germany, for my masters in transport planning and my wife’s masters in Infrastructure management (2nd masters, don’t want to go for Phd). We would like to know whether we eligible enough to get a 100% scholarship each in terms of academic background or professional background. We would also like to know if there are any other financing available.

    thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Deep, thanks for your message. I believe your background fits most DAAD scholars. Have you tried looking at their website? www. Hope the application goes well.

  8. Hi Andrew,
    I have done my graduation in Environmental Engineering and have 3.5 yrs of Experience in working in Green building Consultancy. I want to apply for the DAAD scholarship for development-related postgraduate courses for 2016-17 Course in Environmental field, where I am sufficing the eligibility criterion. But I have 68% for the Graduation and I am bit worried that I haven’t got any chances of getting scholarship. Can you please help me as in how to apply for the scholarship, or if there are any chances to get the Scholarship?

    Manasi from India

    1. Namaste Manasi, sorry I don’t quite understand. You said you already graduated with an Environmental Enginereering degree. What is the 68% you are speaking of? Please enlighten us. Thanks.

      1. hi andrew i wanna study to the german university i have ielts score 6 can you help me find german university

      2. Hi Shakhzod, are you from a developing country? Have you tried looking at their catalog of programs with relevance to developing countries?

  9. Hi Andrew,

    I have applied for DAAD fellowship (Doctoral program in Germany 2015/2016) and waiting for result. However, i am not getting any reply about the status of my application. This waiting is really frustrating. Could you please help me to know when will be the result out. Please!!!

  10. hi Andrew

    I am a dentist who is graduating from my 2year specialist program this August 2015. I am currently interested in applying for a POST GRADUATE PROGRAM IN ORTHODONTICS in Germany with the help of DAAD Scholarship.

    Kindly guide me through the process of application. how should I start to apply for the scholarship? I am at a lost and confused right now on how to start.

    I already sent emails to the universities in Germany to inquire which schools conduct the program i am interested in, as i was informed that acceptance from a university is necessary prior to application for the scholarship. Also, I plan to start for academic year April 2016.

    Kindly respond regarding my query. Hoping to hear from you soon Andrew! 🙂

    1. Hi Dr. Mia,
      I think you’re off to a good start by scouting universities which offer a program in Orthodontics. What did they say? Also try to get in touch with DAAD and see if they can fund these universities/your kind of program. If you get accepted please refer me to a good orthodontist for my retainers! Cheers.

      1. hi andrew thanks so much for the reply. It actually feels good to be able to consult someone who’s been there and came back already haha.

        I sent mail to a german prof requesting her to be my “doktormutter” (the wait is killing me hehe!). Did you also need a doktorvater/mutter?

        Also, i plan to take up german language class early next year to prep for entrance winter semester of 2016.

        Id update you via twitter. I really hope to get accepted 🙂

  11. Hello every one,
    could you please help me for DAAD interview , what the questions ? how can I passed the interview successfully ? thanks

  12. Hello!
    I just received an offer for a DAAD Scholarship which will be preceded by a 6-month language course. What I’d like to know is whether this course can properly train a beginner to the extent of attending a Masters course taught in German. I have a few doubts about that and am apprehensive about accepting my offer.
    Secondly, I had listed three priorities for my application to the scholarship. I didn’t make it through one, received an admission acceptance from another and a scholarship on the third. Unfortunately, the one I have received an acceptance from and no notification of the scholarship status is my first preference. So, optimistically, do you think it is possible for me to potentially receive a scholarship offer from this university too, so that I may choose the course of my preference? In other words, once selected for a scholarship by one university, do you think a potential candidate can be selected and sent the offer by another university as well?

    I look forward to your cooperation. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Namia,

      It depends on your learning curve on the German language. I know some who have done it. They struggled but it’s doable. I suggest learning German as early as now to get a headstart.

      The answer to your other question really depends on the university.

      If I were you I’d take the scholarship and never look back! Good luck.

    2. Hello everyone,
      I am from Nepal. I applied for the DAAD on September, 2014 and I am still waiting for the reply. This waiting period is really killing me. Do you know when will I get the reply?
      Or do they reply only to the accepted students?
      Please help me 🙂

      1. Hi Prasna,
        pls dont get your self aggitated. You should have recieved an acknowlegement letter that states that Daad will respond to your application in Febuary 2015 within 3weeks after a decision is made by the selection commitee. i got this letter so pls check your online application login messages. if you didnt get it then am surprised cos i did. So wait till Febuary ending you should hear from them. Wishing you luck as i wish myself

      2. Hi Prasna, did you get reply? I have also applied for DAAD fellowship (Doctoral Program). However i have not got any information regarding the status of my application. Thery have sent neither rejection nor acceptance. This waiting is really killing. Frustrating!

      3. Hey Guys,

        I have not received any formal letter, but following the status of the online platform I can tell that I got funding 🙂 Maybe checking that helps you as well.

        Does anybody know how long it takes before getting the official letter?


  13. Hello Andrew,

    I have all the required documents, the recommendation letters and everything, except…the motivational letter. I have 3 more weeks till the deadline, but I keep finding excuses to avoid sitting and writing the letter. Can you please tell me what makes a motivational letter good, for a DAAD Scholarship application? What is a good start?

    Thanks a bunch!

      1. I’m trying to put together something along these lines. It might take a while though as I have taken a new job at the ADB. Please be patient!

    1. Hi Maha, I wasn’t interviewed when I applied. But if they do now, I suspect they would ask about yourself, why you want to study in Germany, and what you plan to do after your studies.

  14. Hi Andrew,

    I’m also planning to take up my Masters in Germany and I was wondering if you could enlighten me on the admissions/application process. I got rejected in my preferred school because of insufficient bachelor’s degree. When I did further research, I learned that a Bachelor’s degree earned in the Philippines is only equivalent to an Arbitur / high school diploma in Germany (Anabin database). If this is the case, is there any other way for me to apply for a masters degree in Germany with my bachelors degree qualification (I graduated 2010 + 4 years work experience)?

    I also read in the DAAD website that applicants from the Philippines should take an assessment test in order to gain admission to any school in Germany. However, the link to the assessment test information does not work so I am not really sure how this works.

    I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this. 🙂


  15. i have done my graduation in biotech with 5 cgpa and my masters also in biotech with 75% so please let me know that ,if i apply for my phd program my graduate percentile will create a problem or they will consider my masters percentage for phd schlorship and ignore my graduate percentage
    i have also published two international research papers also

      1. Saima, you are eligible to apply for DAAD Scholarship without admission offer or proof contact with host university in Germany.

  16. Hi Andrew,

    I am a graduate from India in Mechanical Engineering. I have very good marks in my undergraduate studies. I also have 2 years job experience in related field and have also published a research journal in international research journal. I have German language proficiency of A1 level from Goethe Institut. I am currently applying in German Universities for my Masters in Computational Engineering.

    When I go through the DAAD scholarship database for country of origin: India, I only get listing of scholarships for old scholarship holders or scholarships for urban development and environmental sciences. Kindly guide me which scholarship should I apply

  17. Hi Andrew,

    Great to stumble on your blog! I am an international student studying in the US and have submitted my application for the graduate study scholarship for this upcoming year. Although I feel like my references and motivation letters were strong, my GPA was relatively low–a 3.3/4.0. Do you have any ideas on what kind of GPA the committee looks for and whether I can still stand a chance?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Lily,

      I have no idea on the GPA ‘standard’. I can imagine it varies among applicants and they consider the whole application package, i.e., grades, work and personal experience, background, etc.

      I think you stand a chance considering your references and motivation letters. Good luck. Let us know how it pans out.


  18. Hi! I have applied for the DAAD scholarship in public policy. The results haven’t yet been declared but I was wondering if you knew anything about the selection process. I am currently doing my C1 in German, I have a masters degree in international relations and I have nearly 3 years of work experience. Would you be able to comment on my chances? Its just that the waiting period is making me extremely antsy!
    Thanks for your help and best regards from India.

      1. Thank you for the response. I just got a rejection few days ago. I had applied to 2 universities through the PPGG programme – Hertie School and Willy Brandt School. A 6.8 CGPA is considered pretty much above average here in arts when compared to the 8+ CPGA science students score. So I wonder if my academic records let me down. Do you have any idea on how much weightage academic scores have in the deciding process?

        Nevertheless, I will take my chances and apply again – with an updated CV and motivation letter. Any suggestion/ tips you have will be highly appreciated.

        Best wishes from India.

      2. Can any one tell me how to apply for daad scholarship in India and what is the need for that please reply .

        I want to do mbbs in Germany

    1. For which course did you applied? Masters or Doctoral? Good academic background is not only criteria to select you…I’ve been selected for doctoral degree!!

      1. Hi Pra,


        Can you share some tips on your DAAD application by specifying what applicants’ should highlight in their applications in addition to their (good) academic background?


      2. Hi Andrew, Thanks for your question.

        Apart from your education background, you should highlight your interest, purpose (Academic, Career and Personal), strength (why you are suitable?) and previous work experience. Personal suitability is the decisive factor and you should highlight it. I hope this is helpful.

  19. please i will like to know if it is too late to apply for DAAD scholarship for an academic session that will start in october 2014 (Environmental Governance – MEG in Uni-Frieburg). and if it is not too late i will like you to put me through on how to go about it. thank you sir.

  20. Hi Andrew,
    Next month, October , I will get DAAD interview for pursuing my master degree in Germany majoring in Geophysics. I am wondering what questions they will ask to the applicant on the interview. I hope you can share some important questions.

    1. Hi Zakiul,

      I didn’t undergo an interview. I’m sure it will be a standard interview where they will ask about your technical field and plans for the future.

      Good luck! Let me know how the interview goes.


  21. Hello there,

    I was wondering if you would know anyone from your DAAD batch in the Philippines who got an ‘artist’ scholarship? I am currently completing my requirements for the September 30 deadline. Would like to know if you could point me to someone who received this specific grant? I have a ton of questions to ask him/her :))

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi aroselo,

      Sorry I don’t personally know anyone who has received an artist scholarship.

      Ask DAAD-Philippines if you can get in touch with someone who has received this type of scholarship. I remember being invited to a German embassy-hosted reception before I left, and one of the performers was a flutist and pianist who were DAAD scholars if my mind serves me right.

      any updates on your scholarship?

  22. Good Morning

    I appreciate the time you get to answer and guide all the people that is looking for applications in DAAD scholarsships. I hope you can help me as well.

    I got in contact with Hohenheim University in order to apply for their MSc in Economics. They sent me on a email all the list of requisites they need from me. However this is where I have some difficulties to understand the process. They told me that if I wanted to be considered for the DAAD scholarship and the admision I would have to send X quantity of material to them (letters, recomendation, grades, etc..), but they do not say anything about the DAAD application, do I include the application in the package and send it to the UNIVERSITY?

    I am not really sure if the paperwork they are asking is different from the paperwork the DAAD needs.

    Does it mean that I have to get two sets of recomendation letters? one for the university and the other for the DAAD?

    1. Hi FA,

      Better check the list of programs which DAAD sponsor. If the program you’re applying to is not included then most likely DAAD won’t fund any students of the said program.


  23. Hi Sir,

    i want to apply for the DAAD Scholarship, i have prepared all teh documents. i have distictions in MBA and CGA of 3.82 out of 4. furthermore working with a corporate regulatory body in Pakistan.
    i want to apply for MBA-SEPT at Leipzig University.
    i just want to get the guideline regarding the Motivational Letter. i have heard that scholarship depends on motivational letter alot. is that true?/

    1. Hi Asma,
      I’m not sure the weight of the motivation letter. But if I were part of the admissions committee I would put a significant weight on it, while considering the other criteria and the corresponding applicant performance on those criteria.
      Good luck.

  24. Hi, I’m micah from Philippines. I’m looking for a study abroad program until i found your blog. Do you have any details or information on how to apply for their scholarship program? I’m taking Bachelor of science in civil engineering, Graduated the 3 year course of civil engineering technology and now pursue another 3 year course for me to take the board exam. While reading the comments, are they offering Masters or Phd only?

  25. Hello sir,
    I need a little help from you…actually I have got acceptance letter from german university for my Phd but they told me to apply DAAD for scholarship.. as per suggestions I have applied for DAAD scholarship… Can you pls let me know wht are the changes of getting scholarship from DAAD, what are the percentage of students they offer fellowship for Phd students and what questions they ask during the DAAD scholarship interview…Can you pls let me know the details for the same…

    1. Dear Gaurav,

      What do mean changes in geting scholarship from DAAD?

      I don’t have the figures of the acceptance rate. Also I was not interviewed for my DAAD scholarship. I suggest emailing them directly about the number though. Keep us updated of your application. Good luck!

  26. Hi,

    Im Elmo C. Rapsing, Jr. , a graduate of mechanical engineering in Bicol University, Legazpi City Philippines. I am planning to apply for DAAD scholarship on Master of Engineering in Energy and Environmental Management
    in Developing Countries (formerly SESAM) under Postgraduate Courses
    for Professionals
    with Relevance to Developing Countries. I would would like to ask if i have to apply for admission in a german university before applying for scholarship. Where can i get the application forms for DAAD schoarship? Is the form downloaded from the internet valid?
    thank for your very informative site. god bless

    1. Hi Elmo,
      Applying separately to the university and a DAAD scholarship is the usual process. Better check with the university and DAAD though if the same is true with the program you intend to take. The form from the internet should be valid if it says so.

      Good luck on your application and please let me know how it goes!


      1. Hello sir,

        Thank you for answering my questions. You know I have a failing grade when I was in college, but I pass the board of mechanical engineering (take one), do you think I’m qualified for the scholarship knowing that I have failing grade way back in college?

  27. Hi,

    I’m Roma Casubha, 23yr.old graduate of Business Economics in UP. I currently work at a bank for 3 years now, but I’ve always had this plan and interest in taking up graduate studies in Development Economics abroad.

    However, as I browsed through the DAAD scholarship timeline, it seems like I won’t make it to the July 31, 2011 deadline of the German Embassy given the fact that I don’t have any documents and IELTS certification yet. Given this scenario, is it advisable if I just send my documents directly to Germany to make it to their given deadline?

    Looking forward to your advice. Thank you.

    1. Hello Roma!

      I advise against submitting your documents directly to Germany. I think you’ll make the deadline once you start working on your documents now. About the IELTS requirement, ask the embassy if you can have it waived, and instead submit a certificate from UP (you need to request this from the Admin office) stating that the primary medium of instruction in the university is English.

      Hope this helps and good luck!

      1. Hi, it’s just that applications are initially processed at the DAAD office at the applicant’s German embassy first. If the application instructions advises you to directly apply to Germany then go ahead!


  28. hi there. ive been looking for blogs/sites that can help me start with my application for DAAD. would you recommend one for me (with special focus on the experience of filipino DAAD scholars)? i really don’t know who to ask or where to start 😦

    JP Leo

  29. hi hermz, ‘di ko alam kung anong cut-off grade nila. Siguro ico-compare nila sa ibang applicants. Kung ako sa iyo apply lang nang apply! Good luck sana makakuha ka ng scholarship.


  30. **followup lang, pero iyung GWA ko naman is 2.0 (equiv GPA = 3.0) hahahahaha me bearing ba iyun? or wala na pag-asa kase nadedbol ako sa isang subject? XD badtrip lang talaga sir :p thanks ulet

  31. meron pala ng post na ito hahahaha. kasi sir, ito ang case ko, i am just an average student dito sa school ko (actually may 1 repeated subject nga ako) pero hindi ako takot na mag-ipon for MS kahit walang scholarship (kase open-admissions pala iyung program na target ko).

    ang concern ko lang talaga is kung maeevaluate na equivalent qualification iyung BS ko, for taking MS sa germany.

    kung makita nila na galing sa UP ung bachelor ko, pwede na bang equal qualification iyun? or klangan pa ba nilang kalikutin iyung transcript ko (kase iyun nga, average student lang). iyun lang. thanks po sir, very much appreciated XD

  32. Am Gebre-egziabher Mulu from Ethiopia. I graduated from Haramaya University in bachelor of education in History &Heritage management in 2006 G.C from my home country Ethiopia. Am looking masters related to my field such like that of human rights ,governance, peace &conflict , tourism &leisure, political science, archeology ,sociology, &in computer science &information technology. For searching a better life I have worked in Sudan for few months. But now am in Sudan refugee resettlement camp policy in Sudan. You know everybody knows that the life of refuges camp in Sudan is too harsh. Dear officer you have to understand the situation, the way am living. Please officer please save me from the darkness.

  33. Hello Dear Dr Sir/ Madam

    I am Meseret Nigatie Teferra, Head department of Biomedical Engineering at Jimma University, Ethiopia. Jimma University is a one of the pioneer university providing community services to alleviate poverty.
    We have opened undergraduate program in the field of Biomedical Engineering, for the first time in Ethiopia, in 2008.
    The opening of Biomedical Engineering Department is the result of Ethiopia’s effort to expand and improve the quality of the health care by using major medical equipments to increase the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment capabilities. But hence the department is new and the first in Ethiopia, we have faced a sever scarcity of professional man power.

    As a head of the department I am trying to find a solution for this bottleneck. To this end I am exploring possibilities of post graduate studies in Biomedical Engineering fields.
    I therefore, would like to kindly request you to share the information you have in this regard.

    With Best Regards

    Meseret Nigatie
    HOD, Biomedical Engineering
    Mob: – +251917505133 /+251910195044
    Office: – +251471116581
    Po Box: 605
    Jimma, Ethiopia.

  34. sir im dr.rony..4m bangladesh..i hv 65% marks and was in english medium.can i get the scholarship for my postgraduation at germany on oncology.

  35. hi!
    im freshia and im here frm pakistan
    i just want to know that if ill take admission in food sciences or enviromental sceinces here in pakistan in any recognized university so can i get get transfer on scholare ship ffrom here to daads university

    1. Hi Freshia,

      As I understood your question, you want to know if you need to be enrolled in a university in pakistan before you get a scholarship in daad? If that is what you meant, the answer is: it depends. If you are applying as an exchange student, then you need to be enrolled in a university. If you are applying for a Master’s or PhD programme, then of course it follows that you are done with your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

  36. hi my name is sadiya, i hae got addmisssions inTU dresden for the winter, how can apply for a daad scholarship.?

  37. can you give me some inforimation about scholarship
    i am graguate by civics and ethic i work two year expirence
    please help to jion on the scholarship.

  38. dear sir/madam

    thanks to the scholarship website that you grant for developing nations like ,Ethiopia.i didn’t have to take out students loans b/c my tuition was paid for.for this i will be eternally grateful!

    with kind regards.

      1. hi dear andrew
        I am naweed frome afghanistan i have graduated frome agriculture foculty and i wana enrolled in daad comutee but i have some problems in english language i dont have ELTS AND TOFFEL Exmination please guide me

      2. Hi Naweed,

        I encourage you to learn English (or German if you want to do the entire course in the language) and get a good score in the IELTS or TOEFL. Do you have access to review books there in Afghanistan? If not just try to browse online for IELTS/TOEFL references.


  39. hi, can u give me some information about scolarship for interior designer. i’m graduated 3 years ago and worked for 2 years.
    by the way, i’m from indonesia 😀

    1. hello tom,

      have you looked at the DAAD website? Are you looking for a training or full study program in design? I’m not familiar with this discipline. What I know is there is a handful of design institutes in Berlin and Hamburg. Try searching for them and ask directly for any scholarship info. Most likely their programs are in German. It might help if you already speak the language.

      Good luck!

  40. i have just finished my MSc in industrial and production engineering from the university of ibadan,ibadan Nigeria.ineed a PHd scholarship that daad offers .Pls help me

    1. hello,

      The PhD system in Germany is a bit unique. Unlike the US system where you need to qualify (usually through a test) in a PhD programme, it is different from the German system. First you need to reach a minimum equivalent grade of ‘good’ (2.0) and find a willing professor to supervise you (called a Doktorvater). Have you found one in any of the German unis? From there you can apply for a scholarship from DAAD and many other institutions. Another option is to find a part-time job (a ‘half position’). This usually entails working in a research group while writing your research.

      I hope this helps. You might also be interested to visit another blog I administer tackling scholarships for people from developing countries:


  41. I am Jolly John an under graduate in biotechnology from one of the developing country India ,I am 22 years old .Now i am doing my post graduate in biotechnology and i would like to do short term courses from Germany due to its ranking publicity and the education influence towards the community .I am humbly requesting for a chance to sponcer me short term courses related to biotechnology in your reputed university .I am so much interested in research and i need your help .
    Thanks for your consideration.
    yours faithfully ,
    Jolly John

    1. Hi Jolly John,

      Thanks for your inquiry. However, I am not a staff of DAAD, nor their scholar any longer. Kindly browse through my previous replies and see how I can be of help to you.

      Good luck!

      1. hi sir i am from Ethiopia and recently i have made an interview for daad scholarship of civil society leadership awrad , we are ten in my stream of choice can u pls tell us the rate of acceptance from the applicants interviewed.

  42. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am Habte Mengistu from one of the developing country Ethiopia, and I am 23 years old. I have first degree in Architectural Design Technology from Adama University, Ethiopia. Now I am working in Arba Minch University, Ethiopia as technical assistant III. After my first degree to continue education is difficult because of my family back ground and current salary in Ethiopia. But I am so interested to study in Germany due to its ranking publicity and the education influence towards the community. I am humbly requesting for a chance to sponsor me in my university education. I am so interested in Building Technology and I need your help to my Msc. Thanks for your consideration.
    Yours faithfully,
    Habte Mengistu.

    1. Dear Habte,

      I am not officially affiliated with DAAD. In fact, my scholarship is already over. Kindly browse through the comments below and for sure you’ll find something that could lead you to a DAAD scholarship!

      Good luck!

  43. iam currently in the final year in a university ghana reading physics and specialising in biomedical physics. i would be very grateful if u guys can show me how to apply for this shcolarship. am i eligible in the first place?

    1. hi sampson,

      kindly browse through my previous replies in this thread of comments.

      good luck and i hope you get a scholarship.

  44. hey.i’m adentist and i am really interseted with the daad program but i really don’t know where to start..
    hope you could help me..thank you.

  45. hi
    I am a graduate in the filed of philosophy I would lik to participate in your program . now I am a Professor of Esfahan university . and I like to have a research in the filed of ethics for next summer.
    thanks for your help

  46. Hi,
    I am doing engineering (Mech.) from Mat’s univ. in India.. I want to know about the process of getting a scholarship… I am also learning german language in India..
    I want to pursue my postgraduation.. there for a better carrer which makes good money…

    is it possible to take addmission in germany directly in 2nd year as I have only completed my 1st year here..

    Any information will be helpful….

    1. better ask th university in germany where you plan to study and see if they can credit the courses you have taken in india. best of luck!

  47. Hi Jan!

    First of all, my apologies if you already mentioned anything about the question I’m about to ask in your previous blog entries, but I’d like to know : What motivated you to learn German? Is it solely because you wanted to apply for a DAAD scholarship, or is it a combination of wanting a DAAD scholarship + a variety of other personal/professional reasons?

    I’m curious to know because I’m also interested in applying for a scholarship. The thing is, I’m not quite sure if learning German solely for the purpose of applying for a scholarship is the way to go, given the time and costs involved and the uncertain chances of being awarded a scholarship. Would you suggest that I spare myself the hassle of learning a new language and instead go for scholarships that won’t require knowledge of any foreign language?

    1. Hi Ruthie,

      Living in Germany motivated me to learn German. But prior to getting here, I took a short German course (30 out of the 45 hours!) while still in Manila just for the heck of it, even without still knowing then whether I would get the scholarship and live in Germany or not.

      Just a slight correction, knowledge of German is not a prerequisite in my scholarship. Although if you apply in one of the Stiftungs while already here, it usually a given that you have a working knowledge of the language. I would like to think you get some plus points for German proficiency when also applying for uni admission because it would give you a headstart in adapting in Germany. If you are still in the uni, I suggest you take up another international language (i.e., French or Spanish) or the language of the country where you want to study. Treat it as an investment for the future and a long-term goal to visit the country, given the uncertainty of actually getting a scholarship.

  48. Hi Jan!

    It’s good to know that there’s a Pinoy in Freiburg! Haha! Im very interested in taking up the MEG programme and have browsed through the application. In fact, the DAAD deadline’s nearing (Oct 15 at the MEG programme!)

    I’d just like to ask if TOEFL or IELTS is still required for us Pinoys as proof of our command of the English language? Or can I just submit a “Certificate of English as Medium of Instruction” that can be issued by my university?

    Maraming Salamat!

    Monchi Roderos

    1. Hi Monch,

      You’re right, a certificate stating that English is the medium of instruction in your university will do. Just to be sure, also ask the Program Coordinator (Esther Muschelknautz). Her email address is in the website.

      Walang anuman and good luck on your application!

  49. I am farzana. I have recently done Ms.c Chemistry from Universiyty of Sargodha Pakistan. I am very interested to get higher education from any university of Germany.
    with regards.

  50. i just completed ma under-graduation from Bangladesh in interior architecture.

    i wanna do my masters in interior design with scholarship please let me know if daad is providing any scholarship regarding my subject

  51. I am yonas from ethiopia and i am very impressed by the number of ethiopians in one scholarship site even if i am one of them and new to it.And to all ethiopians out there if there is this much need for scholarship we sholud work together inorder to make the process easier think about it. if u have any idea send it to


  52. Dear sir/madam
    I am femal from ethiopia. I have BSC Degree in Statistics and BSC Degree in computer science with great destiniction from Addis Ababa University(Ethiopia) and I am highly interested to have Msc with computer science ,Network administration and security ,information technology, software engineering or other related fields. I need your generous help.therefore,I politely request you to give me the chance of to continue my education in your university.

    I am waiting Your response.
    with best regards,

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for your message. However, I don’t process DAAD application. You can browse through my replies to previous comments and you might find the links leading to the application process.

      All the best!

  53. hi
    I am BBA graduate from nepal. is there a course ,mba in finance , under daad scholarship. If yes i would like to know the procedure to apply for it .

  54. hi all of you,
    Im new graduand in Master of science in tropical and infectious diseases and much interested in persuing PHD in the same area.Im Ieligible to daads scholarship? Thanks

    1. Hi Ayehu,

      You should be eligible for a PhD. I’m not familiar though with the process in PhD applications.

      All the best.

    1. Hi Dhruba,

      You can ask Esther Muschelknautz for more info on that. Good luck and maybe I’ll see you here in Freiburg!


  55. i am presently in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi India… awaiting for my M. Phil results i have done my masters in history from this reputed institution only.

  56. hi this is onen..i really want to pursue my study in Germany..regarding history about German Jesuit in India as i have already done my masters on the Portuguese in India..i think there is a specialty about European and Indian history…could you guide me???? thank u

    1. Hi Onen,

      I have pretty much posted all the information regarding a DAAD scholarship. Try browsing through and take off from there. I hope to see you soon in Freiburg!


  57. hello sir,I am teshome chala from ethiopia.I cannot contact with DAAD scholars those come from ethiopia .Therefore would you send application form to me because i want to complete the form and resend for you.thanks for your help,God bless you

  58. I need the help from you,I am Zemenu Befekadu,at present I work as an instructor of civics and ethics in Mekelle University.I have a great intention to study abroad.Would you like to give me info concerning how apply for DAADS scholarships.

  59. I am Wasihun altaseb from ethiopia.I am graduated from mekelle university in civic and ethical education.I want to advance my education career in ethics.Would you admit me in your institution? Thank you for your help.

    1. Dear WAsihun Altaseb,

      I am neither a staff of DAAD nor the university. I suggest you get in touch with them directly via email.

      Best regards and good luck.

  60. Hi,Iam teshome chala from jandrews i got your what i must doto get application?please show me the way.what expected from me?please give your especial assistance to me .God bless you

    1. Hi,

      I cannot offer special assistance as I am just like any student and scholar of DAAD. I have no special access or contacts with them, and it doesn’t work that way 😉 in Germany. Check the link to the DAAD document of postgraduate studies with relevance to developing countries. Also, try getting in touch with DAAD scholars who are from Ethiopia, and maybe they could be of help to you as well. Unfortunately I do not know of anyone.

      Best regards.

      1. Hi, do you think special contacts with DAAD or influence or lobby by German University or renowned German Professor works in scholarship ward?

  61. Hello Teshome chala. I am by no means in charge of the admissions of the DAAD. I wish I am and could grant your requests. Browse through my article and the previous comments for more information.


  62. I am Teshome chala from ethiopia.I graduated in civics and ethical education in bachelor of degree.currently I am employing as civic instructor at mekelle university.Further more I want to upgrade my study in political science and related courses.There fore would you admit me to your institution?Thanks for your help

  63. Dear Sir

    I am a graduate of Debub University in Accounting and now I wants to have my MSc from Germany universities. Can you give me the websites.


  64. hi,
    i am a resident doctor from nigeria. kindly help me with information on how to obtain a daad scholarship to have a postgraduate training in arthroplasty in germany

    1. Dear Dr. Otabor,

      I am not familiar with the process or postgraduate training. I recommend you to get in touch directly with DAAD or the medicine school where you would like to do your postgraduate training.

      All the best.

  65. Hello
    I’m a graduate from the University of Nairobi in Kenya. I hold a degree in Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Interior Designing. I work with Nobilia East and Central Africa firm which is an interior design firm. Am very interested in getting an MBA scholarship from Germany and i have no clue how to go about it. I would like to get an MBA so that i aid my country and my current company in the design point of view and also from a business point of view. Please help out in reference to where i can start. I would like to start my scholarship this year and i get the feeling am running out of time. Please help me out where you can. Thank you.

    Good luck.

  66. Dear sir/madam
    I have been graduated in computer science with BSC from Mekelle University(Ethiopia)on july 18th, 2008 and I am working @ Ethiopian Immigration and Nationality Affairs and now I am highly interested to have Msc with computer science ,Network administration and security ,information technology, software engineering or other related fields. I need your generous help.therefore,I politely request you to give me the chance of learning my masters’ degree in your university or any timely scholarships application form.
    I am waiting Your response.
    with best regards, Addisu
    God Bless you !!!

    1. Dear Addisu,

      Thanks for your inquiry. I am not in any way connected to the administration office and I am not aware of requirements for the course in which you are interested in. The most I can help you with is provide you this link:

      It contains information on courses you can apply under the facility ‘programmes with relevance to developing countries.’

      Regards and good luck!

  67. hello sir
    i am from Ethiopia i realy want to have a chance to do my Mcs from Germany Univeristy . My first degeree is in Economics and am doing my second degree in Psychology cause it is hard for me to do my Msc in Economics , pls inform me how i can apply . txs

  68. Hallo..I am going to do an curse of Deutsch ins Göte of Friburg..I heve a scholarschip and will stay in daad’s hause from Frieburg and want to Know how it is…
    Can you say to me something? Have you some pictures..?

    1. Dear Alexander,

      Thank you for your note. I do not know anything about the DAAD house in Freiburg, sorry. Let me know when you are in town!

      Bitte sehr!

  69. Dear sir/madam
    I am Mr. Enawgaw mesfin from Ethiopia and i have secured my Bsc in aplied mathematics and I want to apply scholarship Msc in mathematics from DAAD .i have also certificat in mathematical modling given by DAAD and Addise Abeba universty mathematics department here in Ethiopia, Addis Abeba . I am very eager to study the afromentiond program .there for,please could you help me and give all necessry information how i get the scholar ?

  70. Hi shokwat,
    actually I had got an DAAD scholarship for summer intern in freiburg can u tell smthing about freiburg..

    1. hey pls is there any one who knows how many applicants needed for civil society leadership award from the applicants interviewed, in my case we were 10 in global political Economy stream. i am wondering to know how many daad committee will select from the 10

  71. hi! i’m regina from the Philippines. I’m a dentist and would also like to apply for a postgraduate scholarship from DAAD. I know that i need to have an acceptance letter from a German university as one of the requirements, is it possible for you to guide me as to where i can find a list of universities offering postgraduate studies on any field of dentistry? thank you very much!

  72. hi i m sasmita from india want to know how can i get the scholarship to do phd in biological science from germany.

    1. Hi Sasmita,

      Kindly check the links I’ve posted in my comments. Are you planning to study in German?
      My uni has an excellent biological sciences faculty. Maybe we’ll see each other here soon!

  73. Hello Sir, I am trying scholarships from DAAD, Since I am very much interested to pursue My post graduate from any of the German Universities. How can I get this path?
    From Ethiopia

    1. Hi faith,

      please refer to my reply above. Btw, there’s someone from Kenya in the new batch of MEGs who got a DAAD scholarship!

  74. Hi!
    I’m Nerie Lyn from Philippines
    I just want to know what qualification is needed in this scholarship?
    God BLESS..

    1. Hi Nerie Lyn!

      Thanks for dropping by. Get in touch with our Programme Coordinator, Esther Muschelknautz, who can give you more information on your query. Her contact details are found in my Programme’s official website:

      Also, I just started managing another blog which can assist potential students like you assess whether the MEG programme is right for you! check it out here:


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