United Nations Day celebration in Bonn

I rushed to Bonn city center this morning when I remembered that a United Nations Day event is to be held there. I spotted a poster somewhere in the city a few days ago that there will be a celebration of some sort.  I googled for a programme of the activities before I headed downtown and decided it was worth checking out.

In Bonn, the mood was festive. Tents were put up to house different UN and development organizations.  Old folks danced to the groove of live bands and children enjoyed the giveaways and activities.  But at least for once as a global way of celebrating the day, UN Day should be a ceasefire day for all the wars in the world.  It is of related reason that UN was created after World War II.

Some photos during the event:

Opening performers rocking the opening ceremony

Balloon man.  I think he did this the whole day as it seemed all kids passing by asked for one of these world balloons.  I wanted one for myself! 
 The future of fisheries
Rescue team preparing for a demo

I paparazzi’d Achim Steiner (with red tie), Executive Director (big boss) of UNEP
Happy United Nations Day!
A few more photos in my flickr page.

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