Signs of winter: Snowing in Freiburg

As the weather forecast projected, snow fell upon the city of Freiburg.  There was light snow yesterday morning, and I thought that was it.  The forecast didn’t say it would be an avalanche anyway.  Early in the evening, however, proper snow finally fell.  It is another first, not for seeing snow, but seeing Freiburg blanketed in white.  This morning, despite a late night party the other night, I braved the freezing weather to shoot some photos near my neighborhood and half-way up to the Schlossberg.

The normally green fields and gray pavement turned white.

Cars and pedestrians alike should be careful of the frost on the road.

Leaves, posts, and the road.  Everything exposed to the sky last night accumulated snow of up to ten centimeters.

A beer garden on the Schlossberg overlooking the city center.  The tower on the background is the Schwabentor.

Oberwiehre, one of the better neighborhoods of Freiburg, as viewed from a beer garden on the Schlossberg.  Roofs turned white, a stark contrast from the terracotta-red color of most German buildings and houses.

Some more photos in my flickr page.



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