Christmas market

Christmas markets mark the beginning of Christmas in Germany.  A square or two in the city center is converted into a bazaar.  Rows of shops selling toys, trinkets, and other thingamajigs fill the usually open square, and so do the visitors.  A hot Gluehwein is the staple drink.  It has gotten expensive somehow here in Freiburg.  A cup now sells at 2.25 Euros from last year’s 2.00 Euros.

I was fortunate to visit Bonn again to give a lecture as part of the BIMUN series of activities.  Before and after my speaking engagement, I roamed around the Christmas market and streets within the city center to see what’s keeping everyone busy.

Here’s some photos of the Christmas markets in Freiburg and Bonn:

Christmas market in Freiburg

A shop selling candles and other Christmas decorations

The ol’ reliable wurst

The Christmas market offers recreation for kids…

… while the folks can do their Christmas gift shopping

Someone else wants to go for a ride!

Christmas street scene in Bonn

Walk among the stars (Sternstrasse literally means ‘star street’)

Marktplatz 8.  On the background is the Altesrathaus (old city hall) which John F. Kennedy once visited and Michael Gorbachov gave a famous speech.  And me?  I have attended a couple of social functions inside.  The building is now a ballroom that is used to welcome ‘official visitors’ of the city.

The tempterature outside was between 2 to 5 degrees Centigrade, yet nothing stops people from chilling out (pun intended).

You can find some more photos in my flickr page.

Maligayang Pasko!

Frohe Weihnachten!

Merry Christmas!


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