Random trip to Titisee

It was a wise decision to make a quick trip to Titisee this afternoon.  Without much planning (yes that’s a nightmare for Germans), I went for an afternoon trip to Titisee.  I was not alone though, and was lucky to be flanked by two beautiful classmates Michelle (Aussie) and Maria (Brazilian).  We took the 14:10 train and in about 40 minutes we were in Titisee.

The first time I visited Titisee was August last year while I was still taking my German intensive course.  It was a trip organized by the language institute.  It was late summer by then, and so tourists were flurrying all over the place.  They were most probably Freiburgers trying to escape the touristy-ness of the city.  I thought Titisee would be quiet this time around of the year, with the temperature closing in lingering near 0 degress.  I was totally wrong.  Titisee could probably have the seat of the ‘most touristy’ place in this part of the Black Forest.  The cold weather did not prevent people from visiting the place.  I am not complaining though, as it proved people still existed around me.  For the past three days, I have only probably seen less than 100 people on the street.

We looked around the souvenir shops selling Christmas decorations for a bargain.  After strolling for a bit, we settled on a cafe by the lakeshore to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.  We stayed outside to enjoy the sun and the water.

Here’s a glimpse of Titisee where people gravitate come summer or winter:


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