Chasing Colmar

I visited Colmar, France the other day.  Just like Strasbourg (which is just a bit up north), the tinsel town is found near the border of France and Germany and is a part of the Alsace region.

Again, the efficient transportation didn’t fail me.  A 30-minute train to Bresach, a town near the border of Germany and another 30-minute bus ride brought me to Colmar.  I only shelled out less than five Euros for the one-way trip, thanks to my semester ticket.  Once you arrive there, be careful not to choose St. Catherine square or the tourist information center as your rendezvous.  Apparently there are two St. Catherine squares and tourist information centers which can cause a lot of confusion.  In my case it was worth one hour of an unwanted game of hide-and-seek.

I’m always in awe as I cross the border marked by the Rhein River of the two neighboring countries.  Despite the physical delineation, a lot remain fuzzy between the two countries,  such as the language, architecture, and food!  Here they seem to have an extended Christmas season.  The Christmas markets were still up three days into the new year!

Pardon the sudden stop of the video!

One thing that wore me out though in this trip was the weather.  It was biting cold the whole time, although I am thankful for the sunshine.  It takes so much effort to stand up and leave a cafe once you’re seated and enjoying your cup of hot chocolate or coffee.  Everyone seems to have extended meals as they take their time to eat their Flammkuchen (Tart flambee) and sip their drinks.  I should definitely be back in spring!


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