Back to the uni… almost

Today starts another module and another year in the uni.  I am taking an elective course on Environmental Law.  It took me a lot of thinking to finally choose this module.  I could have taken a course on Science, Environment and Society, or I can write an essay on a selective topic of my choice.  I think it would be useful for my future career in an international organization to at least know the fundamentals of law, therefore I chose this course.

I met my classmates this morning and waited for the professor.  I arrived first in class although I was simply roaming around the hallway for there was no notice on where the class will be held.  We usually meet at 9:15 in the morning, but there was no sign of the professor or any message from the secretary’s office.  I called them, waited, and went to meet the secretary finally.  After she and our program coordinator made some calls, it turns out our class won’t start until 3 p.m.!  Now I want to send the law professor a subpoena for not sending us an email ahead of time!


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