Bonn – Sights & Attractions – Old Town

This blog is still active.  I just survived my environmental law class.  My professor must have read my entry and he burried me and the entire class with readings.  It was one of the best modules I’ve had so far.  I only have two left though and I think it will be difficult to top that class.

One of my flickr photos got selected for an online travel guide.  Check it out here.  Look for ‘Sternstrasse’ and click through the photo on the upper right hand corner of the page.  I think it’s the first time that a photo I took was featured, and the funny part is I took it with a cheap point and shoot camera- in auto mode.  I’ve shot countless photos with my prosumer camera and none of those has ever been featured anywhere.

Speaking of Bonn, I was in the city over the weekend until yesterday.  I helped my cousin who’s trying her hand in Germany for the mean time.  She stayed with me for over two weeks, and she decided to go to Bonn (and Cologne which was her original plan) to get a job.

And oh, I also had an internship interview with one international organization located in the city.  What is it with me and Bonn?



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