Ending the third semester

My third semester officialy ended at 10:50 a.m. last Friday after a 20-minute oral exam.  I bluffed through two unintelligible questions out of the seven the professor asked me.  When IMs were sent to ask how the exam was, I validated that my English comprehension is not the problem.  Rather, it’s how the professor phrased the questions.

No one really took this issue seriously.  We were just relieved to finish the semester.  Unlike the end of other semesters though, this is a different one.  It was our third semester, following which is the fourth semester (duh) when we’ll have to write our thesis.  This means we won’t be spending time together anymore in proper classes.  No more endless discussions in group works (we discuss how to proceed with discussions).  No more never-ending readings (70 pages in a day).  And no more having to wake up to attend our daily 9:15 am class (9:30 am for some).   Some are leaving Freiburg to relocate to other parts of Germany while a few will go back to their home countries.

To celebrate the end of the semester, we booked a table at Cafe Maria.  This is one of our favorite bars in Freiburg.  Here they have happy hour cocktails that go for half the price daily between six to nine in the evening.  Pavel, my Belarussian classmate, was determined to achieve a more spiritual goal though.  He needed to stay drunk for three days.  He convinced me to do the same, but I only joined him for a warm up session with half a bottle of wine before going to Cafe Maria.

We finished the night early (early morning for Pavel) to be ready for the second part of the partying the following morning.



  1. Hi,
    I like OPM kasi. hehehe. But I don’t really like to play and sing songs that I don’t understand. So simply started learning it. 🙂 Well yes would be nice meeting u.


  2. Hi :-),

    I happened to somehow end up on your blog. hehe. Do u speak tagalog? Nag aaral ako ng tagalog/filipino kasi pero hindi ako kilala any pinoy/pinay sa Freiburg :-(. German lang ako, walang pamilya na pilipino. Well maybe we could meet up sumtime for fun. Anyway kung gusto mo ba email mo lang ako, heto email ko…atesunyelatyahoodotcom. Ingat ka and have fun dito sa Freiburg.


    1. Hello,
      Yes, I speak Tagalog. Warum lernst du Tagalog?
      Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you soon in the city.

      Viel Spass!


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