The past days I’ve been educating myself for my thesis topic.  I’m digging through books that I’m glad exist to facilitate my learning.  I’ve moved to another library yesterday, away from the one lined up with titles mentioning Wald and conservation, to rows of old hard-bound books in governance and politics.  My faculty library only carry a handful titles of the latter, and the one at the political science library in the main university quarters obviously supports a comprehensive reference.  The new environment poses some challenges, like locating books and electricity sockets.

The weather is getting better by the day, and I hope it continues, or at least we won’t have minus temperatures.  Yesterday was a sunny and beautiful day, as it is today.  I’ve been monitoring the weather online and things don’t looks as literally bright in Berlin where I’m headed to tomorrow.

Back to the books.


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  1. Hi Pinoy in Freiburg,

    I work in a charitable foundation and currently developing a portfolio of projects focused on environmental governance. I would appreciate if you have any reports, writing, articles on the definition and scope of environmental governance. As I find there are varying definitions, perhaps to suit the purpose.

    Look forward to hearing from you



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