Bis bald, Berlin!

I’ve been crowing about how Berlin might indeed be the coolest city in Europe. With its dynamism and vibe, artists are wont to stay and, if lady luck is on their side, flourish here. And where there are artists, there are art galleries and museums.

On my last day in the German capital, I met the director of the Environmental Policy Research Center in the morning to talk about the possibility of writing my master thesis under their supervision. Later I went to the Deutsche Guggenheim, a museum with free entrance on Mondays. Yes, I delayed visiting the museum to gain free entry. On exhibit now are photorealist paintings. That’s paintings inspired and copied from photos. The exactness of details and large scale paintings were simply impressive. Taking a well-composed photo is difficult enough, and transferring it accurately in canvass is not the least easier.

Now I am trying to phase-in myself again back to the (starving?) scholarly life. It is officially spring. The weather since I got back here in Freiburg has been beautiful, yet I need to get holed up in the faculty library. Here it is quiet, just like in a museum. Only this time, paintings and art pieces are nowhere, just books.


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