No Reservations goes to the Philippines

Filipino cuisine.  If you’re in Europe and most parts of the world other than the Philippines, chances are you won’t find it anywhere else other than on your friendly Filipino neighbor’s table or one of their gatherings.  It’s never found as an Asian food stall around the corner, nor mentioned in Southeast Asian cookbooks compared with neighboring Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.  What gives?!

One of the TV shows I liked while still in the Philippines is Anthony Bourdain’s  No Reservations.  It’s a show I could have hosted had I been a TV personality.  Travel, food, and good script distilled in one programme.  I stopped watching it, or TV in general, once I arrived Germany.  I was scooping spoonfuls of choco muesli and oatmeal drowned in milk when I saw a Youtube video of No Reservations featuring the Philippines on Facebook through Gratz’s (a friend from highschool) update.  The programme surely made my mouth water while watching Bourdain have a good time with the food I am used to- sinigang (sour soup-based meat), sisig (random pig parts sizzling on a hot platter), and fish balls (no, not testicles).  Although there were some versions of which from other parts of the country that I have never tried, like sinigang consisting of goat’s head.

The show touches not only on gastronomy, but also history and culture from the eyes of a New Yorker and an American.   This was made possible through Augusto, a Fil-Am from Long Island, New York.  He submitted an entry to the fan-special feature of the show, and convinced Bourdain to pack his bags together with the rest of the show’s crew to fly and get a taste of Filipino food- with no reservations.


13 thoughts on “No Reservations goes to the Philippines”

  1. hehe yes chatrum lol, anyway lecker yummy masarap !!!! Oh and if you ever go to Paris let me know, ich war dort schon ewig nicht mehr. I wanna go again, I could help u out with french hehe

  2. I’ll do the same then. Guten Apetit! A professional au pair who travels the world? I don’t mind that kind of job.

    We just transformed this comments section into a chat room. Sorry to pochp who might be receiving this thread of messages. Catch you later.

  3. Ok, I’ll just have late lunch with my companions. Utusan lang po ako sa opisina. We were in latin america 2 weeks ago. I’l get back at you, sir

  4. Never been to Paris, but hopefully soon! Email me what your schedule is like and maybe you can fly here or we can meet somewhere. Look who’s talking, but thanks. Philippines to Germany is indeed a long way!

  5. I was in Paris last week, but nothing compares to vienna. I haven’t been to Germany though. I hope I can extend my visit to celebrate my birhtday there, sir! You’ve come a long way, we are very proud of you, sir!

  6. Look who’s coming to town?! When are you exactly going to Germany? Are you going to Freiburg or to the TI headquarters in Berlin? What’s going on in Vienna? I found out you’ve become one of those UN-meeting-attending officials.

  7. I don’t know if I’m making some of them proud now. But I’ll try to. Thanks for visiting and dropping a note!

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