Finishing my exams

Last Friday I wrote the last exam I have to ever write in my master programme.  It took a while for the thought to sink in.  No more stress and studying.  After a quick glance at my watch to see the time left for the exam, I browsed at the two sheets of paper where I scribbled my answers, stood up and placed it on a pile on the instructor’s table.  I should have been done with my last exam  last February, but I had to pick up this subject because I skipped it last year to attend the Convention on Biodiversity in Bonn.

The past week felt so long because I cannot wait to get over done the test.  After restless hours behind the desk listening to lectures or in front of the class pretending to be an expert on institutional economics, Friday arrived and judgment day came.  It might take about a month to know of the result of the test, and that is another story.

I don’t have special ceremonies before taking an exam, like not taking a bath.  I’ve heard of non-studying techniques, that is not studying the night before the exam as it wears you out when you think and dream about it during your sleep.  I usually study the night before the exam, but I see to it that I get my dose of seven to eight hours of sleep.  A classmate (who belong to the new generation of my programme) even invited me to go to a concert the night before to ‘relax the mind’.  This might be the extreme version of not studying the night before, but he said it didn’t help in waking up early for the big day.

Once I have filled out the evaluation form that usually comes after giving your test paper, I stepped out of the room and wondered what to do next.  Not only right after the exam, but also in the following days.  As a form of celebration, our class headed to the Mensa (cafeteria), which has been improving lately.

I am still savoring my reclaimed liberty.  I had a slow day yesterday.  I rediscovered my thesis work that took a three-week break, and repaired my computer.  Today I will go to a Weinfest (winefest) in the suburbs of Freiburg.  And in ten days I will be in another time zone, six hours ahead of where I am now.  😉


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