Vauban, Freiburg in the front page of the New York Times

Elisabeth Rosenthal wrote a story about Vauban, a district in Freiburg, that made it to the front page of the New York Times yesterday.  The online version of the article has an accompanying photo slideshowWheels and Green, Inc., both blogs of the same paper, have picked up the article- the former deals with cars and transportation while the latter on business and the environment.

My notion of an American suburb is a sprawl or spillover from a highly dense area.  It might be worth considering to note the distance between the suburb and core, and their relative density when making urban and geographical comparisons.  Take note that Vauban, as a suburban district of Freiburg, is a mere four kilometers from the city center, or roughly 20 minutes by tram of bus.  I made a related comment in the Green Inc. blog regarding the same points.

Update: Another blog of the NYT, aptly called Room for Debate, has joined in the discussion.

Thanks to Pedro Rodriguez Vega for the heads up on the article via Facebook.


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