RIP, Cory

A TIME photo-essay on her life here.



  1. Hello Andrew,

    I am from the Philippines and I have applied for a masters programme in one of the universities in Germany. I just received information that my bachelor’s degree from Ateneo de Manila University is not recognized as a bachelor’s degree in Germany kasi daw kulang ung number of years ng pagaaral. I would like to know how many years ka nag-aral before you applied sa University of Freiburg?

    Thanks so much! Gusto ko lang malaman para meron akong comparison at saka pwede rin pakitanong sa mga ibang Pinoy dyan.

    Maraming salamat at sana masagot mo ung tanong ko.



    1. Hi Maan,

      I finished a four-year Bachelor’s degree. I find their reply quite unusual. As far as I know a four-year course from the Philippines, which is the typical number of years it takes to get a bachelor’s degree, should qualify one for a Master’s degree in Germany. I know a couple of Pinays who studied here in Freiburg and they also finished four-year bachelor’s degrees.

      Ask the German uni how many years should your bachelor’s degree be to qualify for a Master’s programme in Germany. Then also tell them of other Pinoys whom you know that qualified for a Master’s programme with four-year Bachelor’s degree programmes.

      Walang anuman. Kindly let me know of the outcome of your inquiry.



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