Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

This year’s Blog Action Day tackles climate change.  What am I doing then, other than contributing to it?  It is a coincidence that I am again doing an internship at this time of the year when the Blog Action Day is held.  I was under the same circumstances last year, with a topic on poverty.

Now I am a Climate/Energy intern at the World Future Council (WFC).  The WFC  is a foundation-cum-think-tank that basically wants to save the world for future generations, so in that sense I think I fit in the organization. Through this six-month internship I am doing my little part, if not solving the problems that go with climate change, then at least understanding the phenomenon.  My main goals for undertaking this internship is to learn more about renewable energy politics, and meet people dealing with the topic.   I am one month into my internship.  So far I have been fulfilling my expectations.  We recently finished the annual general meeting and Future Policy Award the other week.  I rubbed elbows with a couple of former parliamentarians and top UN officials, a Maori community leader, and a nuclear physicist-philosopher were just some of  characters I got to know.

During the Future Policy Award which acknowledged exemplary policies on urban agriculture, I met high-profile denizens of Hamburg.  What have all these got to do with climate change?  Studies suggest that agriculture will be one of the hardly-hit sectors of climate change.  As temperature increases, long episodes of drought will be inevitable.  These people support and contribute, in one way or another, to the cause of WFC.

Who knows if this single blog post will actually make a positive difference?  No one, to be honest.  Maybe it won’t.  But there are at least 7000 other bloggers who are raising awareness on climate change.  That is equivalent to roughly more than 11 million of potential readers.  Are they affecting climate change?  Maybe,  by further raising awareness and elevating the issue to the political agenda.  At least one reader whose actions would change and take precaution is enough.  And it could be you.


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