Random Hamburg photos

I’ve shown you the view from my window here.  This is another view in our office.  I like how the scaffolding wrap the cathedral tower a la works of Christo and Jean-Claude.

It seems I will be making a weekly trip to the wash salon, not to wash my clothes though, but to dry them.  We have a washing machine in our flat, but I think for spatial (and special) reasons, we don’t have one of those folding clotheslines.

This photo is fresh from the crime scene.  It all started when I was walking up the ramp from the basement of the Altona train station.  I heard sirens and soon a rushing police car emerged.  I thought it would stop right before it went inside the basement, but it went inside the basement.  I had to make a swift sidestep otherwise I would have been hit by the car.  Another lady whose back was turned from the path of the car was startled for a while before she realized she had to get out of the way.  I can’t blame her.  No car should be driving inside the basement where there’s just shops and pedestrians passing through.  I thought the car was just making a short-cut to somewhere, but then it pulled out right then and there.  Soon they surrounded this guy, while the curious me stopped and backtracked to take a look.  I couldn’t tell what the commotion was all about from where I stood about ten meters away from the scene.  I remembered the Die Another Day trailer I was watching early this afternoon, as I was curious to see the parts of the movie which were shot in Hamburg.  Unlike the movie, there were no gun shots and no flying bodies at the train station basement, but I think this is the closest I could get to becoming Agent 007.

*Sorry for the grainy-ness of the photos.  All were taken from my phone camera.


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