Shooting Hamburg at night

To break the monotony of finishing one of my last papers that I need to submit in the uni, I went out late this afternoon to take some snapshots. The weather was cool; a fine mid-autumn day. I went around Landungsbruecken to capture Hamburg at dusk.

You see, I have no tripod, or I left it in the Philippines. You might be wondering how I took this photos that required long exposures. The railings of bridges and barricade became my best friends.

Long-exposure photography should be called patience photography. The exposures of the photos I took were somewhere between four to ten seconds. As my camera was lodged on railings, it was difficult to get the good angles and height as they were limited by the height of the railings and the point at which my camera won’t fall on the water or the street below. Also, I had to kneel, squat, and do other compromising positions to peek at the viewfinder before I press the shutter. A couple of times I caught myself holding my breath for a few seconds so as not to transfer and cause any movement from my body to the camera.

I saw along my photo walk at least four or five other guys who were toting a tripod. Hamburg is definitely one of the go-to places for night photography, with the combination of water, warm light, and neo-gothic architecture in the Speicherstadt. I look forward to my next night photography in the city. I consider the one I did tonight just as a warm up.

A couple more photos are on my flickr page.  Thanks for viewing!


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