What floats my boat

A good friend visited me last Friday and Saturday.  He is the same friend who visited me in Freiburg (and who went with me all the way to Bonn for my internship then) for a four-day European visit last year.  This time he was here for work, and wrapped up his two-week stint with a visit to Hamburg where I am now based.  We only spent less than 48 hours together, most of the time walking around the harbour and the city.  We must have taken hundreds of photos of each other and of the city.  I think I just met someone who takes more photos than I do.

The day he arrived, we hit Lange Reihe and Reeperbahn.  Our quasi city tour started along Landungsbruecken which is near from the hotel where he was billeted.  Landungsbruecken is starting to become one of my favorite spots in the city.  It lends me a ‘successful’ feeling just looking at the harbour as a nippy breeze blows by.  The hustle and bustle of the port, the countless fleets of ship and boat, and the never-ending construction going on along the Elbe river signal the progress that is yet to come.  Then we made our way to Speicherstadt, to Moenckebergstrasse where we gorged on currywurst, Rathaus and its adjacent decadent streets.  We wound down the day exploring the alternative corner of Schanzeviertel.  In the same evening, we made our last hurrah together in a doner place in Ottensen, and a round of beer in a laid-back cafe in St. Pauli.  We’ve got company in the cafe as we met up with an acquaintance.

The harbour was covered with fog most of the day last Saturday, which was a pity because we were supposed to have some sun as the weather forecast predicted.  This did not dampen our spirit to shoot photos.  Here’s a few of my takes last Saturday.


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