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No, not this blog.

I have my own cubicle in the office.  As an intern, this is a bit of a luxury.  I am occupying the same space that fit about eight people when I was working back in the Philippines.  Talk about population density microcosm.

One of the things I look forward to everyday at work is my view of the canal and the red-bricked buildings in Speicherstadt.  This changed though when scaffolding started propping up outside my window.   Today, the renovation work went into full swing, it caused so much noise on our wing of the building. My supervisor couldn’t stand it that he left and worked from home, while I transferred to the other wing to escape the loud drilling and hammering.  According to our admin person, it will last until the end of the week.  I have the option to work from home but that might mean not getting any work done at all.



  1. hey drew!!!

    holy f*$%!!! this is the first time i visited your blogsite…. and i’m soo impressed…. i always thought you were good., but NOT this good!!! hahaha…. this is INSANE!!!!

    i love all the pics you posted here… looks very professional to me… haha… next time take my pics ok?? lol

    may i suggest that you make a blog about me??? haha… JOKE!!!

    haiz! never been prouder of you brother!!! keep this up!!!


    1. At first glance I actually thought this was a spam comment.

      Salamat and I hope you continue reading my blog! A blog about you? That will be a hit. 😉


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