A photo-walk in the Friedhof

As in the rest of the Christian world, today is all Saint’s Day.  I joined a photo-walk of fotocommunity within the Ohlsdorf Friedhof (Ohlsdorf cemetery).  Wikipedia knowledge tells us that it is the largest non-military cemetery in the world.  We met at 10 in the morning and walked in its premises, which was like a borough on its own, for almost five hours.  When we sat down for coffee in the afternoon, my mobile phones told me it was already 3:05 p.m.

All Saint’s Day here is so different from what I got used to in the Philippines.  The cemetery here is practically deserted, save for a few smattering of visitors here and there.  All roads practically lead to the cemetery if you were in the Philippines.  There is also a general mood of festivity, from alcohol drinking to camping overnight, and which sadly also leave behind mountains of rubbish the following day.  Rows of graveyard and a few huge mauseoleums here and there mark the cemetery.  The cemetery here emobodies the term ‘memorial park’ because it is what it is, a park.  Statues, sculptures, and graveyard markers are randomly scattered all over the area.  Most of them are integrated within a ‘park’ theme.

The cold weather did not prevent our group of 28 from roaming around for five hours straight.  The color of fall highlighted our day, and so did our photos.

More photos to be seen in my flickr photostream.  Thanks for viewing!


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