Tapping the future

I was at the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven last Monday.  With my other co-intern, I was asked to man our booth to introduce to visitors our organization, and hopefully make converts out of them.

In addition to our stand where we displayed and handed out flyers and booklets, there was a touchscreen table four floors up the building wherein (on which?) a published (?) electronic booklet could be browsed.  Being the technophile that I am, I tapped and played with it to my heart’s content.  It basically functions like a digital book, however, you can see my hand’s frustration in turning the page of the brochure on the electronic thingamajig.  It’s annoying that no instruction whatsoever  explains how to use the touchscreen table.  A physical paper flyer still works better than a virtual one.  It should have at least worked with a flick of a finger or basic handstrokes akin to turning the pages of a book.  Does it need a lot more improvement?  Don’t pull the plug just yet.  Simply go back to the drawing board.


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