We love MEG

Photo courtesy of my classmate Tempei

The graduation ceremony and party are over, and I am glad I went all the way from Hamburg.  The airfare and the waking up in the wee hours of the morning to catch the train or bus to the airport were all worth it.  It was probably my last days in Freiburg, but then again, who knows?  The city gave me a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively, after two months of dealing with the hustle and bustle of Hamburg.  Don’t get me wrong, I am loving Hamburg. The laid-back lifestyle and familiarity of Freiburg were not missed, until I got there again.

Out of the 24 which form the MSc in Environmental Governance class of 2009, 19 of us gathered for our last hurrah together.  Four have left for their respective home countries.  We had a champagne reception and started with the programme afterwards.  The graduating class of the Forest and Environmental Management programme were also part of the affair.   Some of our professors and a handful of friends and parents were also present.  We have changed our venue from one of the classrooms in our faculty to the cozier Peterhofkeller.

After two years of studying together, we have come to learn what we love.  This video is inspired by Discovery Channel’s Boom De ah Da video.  This was Shannon’s (from Canada) production wherein I helped in the filming and directing.  I didn’t hear about this video as she was putting this together for a long time so I thought it just went down the drain.  Surprises of all surprises, it premiered during the graduation night, and is now for everyone to see:

A “cleaner” version of the video, without the laughing and clapping is here.

One part of the graduation programme included introducing each members of our class.  Leo, from Portugal, and Annie from Canada, did a great job in presenting us.  Do you agree on their impression they have of me?

All I can say is that the past two years as a Master’s student was one long… Boom de ah dah!


4 thoughts on “We love MEG”

  1. yes, it is just like an ojt, but they really involve me in their work. i cannot say for now if I am staying here for good. We’ll see in the coming months!

  2. they are doing well. kapag internship, is the same with being an ojt for a company or does it mean that you are on a probationary status sa world future council?

    are staying for good in hamburg?

    1. Mabuti naman. I am busy with the internship. I am trying to squeeze in some time for a photo project in the evenings and on weekends. Kumusta na ang kids?

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