Sailing on dry land

The biggest concentration of Filipino migrants in Germany is in Hamburg. Here, the male to female ratio of Filipino migrants that usually favor women is inverted. The shipping industry in Hamburg attracts Filipinos who work as seamen. At one point they resign or retire and choose stay here for good. Those who resign have mostly taken on odd jobs, their earnings from which are still perhaps more compared to what they could be earning back in the Philippines had they decided to go back.

An impromptu gathering took place when a retired seaman who is bound soon to visit the Philippines dropped. Over dinner, they watched online the boxing match last week of Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino who recently made history for being the first boxer to win in seven different weight categories. His rags to riches story is an inspiration to many Filipinos.

This is part of a personal photography project I am doing to document the lives of former Filipino seamen in Hamburg.


9 thoughts on “Sailing on dry land”

  1. Hello Frank,

    Thanks for your comments. I hope the photodocumentary is still in Deichtorhallen. By the way, the World Press Photo 2010 exhibit is now in Grun & Jahr, in case you’re interested to see it.


  2. Hi,
    thanks for your pictures. At first: I like the slideshow for the impressions of their daily living. Second: I wanted to see more faces. Third: When I was in Hamburg last time, I watched an exhibition in the Deichtorhallen. A photographer made a documentary of refugees, living in those terrible, little rooms in the refugee-asylums here in Germany. Take a look there, if you can.
    Regards, Frank Berno

  3. Hey Andrew, it looks good! But I have a question, what in these photos identifies these people as Filipino migrants versus Germans or some other migrants? I wasn’t really able to notice anything different in the photos, does this make sense? But otherwise, very very nice!!

    1. I was hoping the use of the spoon and fork, and the flashy ring would define that. Or maybe foreigners who are more familiar with our ways can detect that. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it!

  4. Hi Andrew, i find it so interesting and i can actually relate based on the stories of my father. One of this days, i’ll visit you there. I’m just here in Salzgitter… hybernating he he he or if you find the time welcome ka sa amin.

    1. Hi Ms. Beny,

      I would like to hear those stories as well…

      Funny I was in touch with this other guy also into photodocumentary who was born in Salzgitter! See you soon, perhaps!

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