Hamburg Dom photos

What’s worse than running out of juice while taking photos?  You might think that nothing could top that.  What about leaving behind your memory card?  After taking a shot of the Hamburg afterglow, I forgot all about my memory card still stuck in my office laptop.  All the while I was lugging around my camera, thinking a photo opportunity could arise anytime, anywhere.  This occasion came yesterday as I went to the second to the last day of the Dom.  It is basically a big fair which is held three times a year.

Without a memory card for my camera, I had to make do with my phone camera.  I’m actually quite impressed at the sharpness of the photos under good lighting conditions.  Lesson learned from last night: aside from checking the battery meter, check the memory card slot!


One thought on “Hamburg Dom photos”

  1. hmmmm… what a bummer, eh? anyway at least you had fun…. pati si dom is in photography na rin… i saw some pictures of him too from that place and they were AWESOME!!! good work guys!!!

    next project: Robert’s portfolio 🙂 (kidding aside…. lol!)

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