Moving on and moving in

My old villa

Yesterday was the official last day of my internship. I have been off for a week though. I didn’t realise I still had many days left for my holiday leaves.  Unfortunately I haven’t been on a holiday. Heck, not since I started my internship which overlapped with the writing of my Master’s thesis, save for the two-week Christmas holidays. I’ve been busy preparing for my next step, mostly crummy bureaucratic things, like extending my visa, insurance, and submitting documents. So yes, I get to extend my stay here in Germany, particularly Hamburg. I got a number of ‘what next?’ questions as I updated my twitter and facebook profile status a few days ago. So yeah, what next?

The past month was dedicated to answering that question. My precarious situation took its toll on me, and it’s one of the worst place to be in. I spent countless hours a couple of sleepless nights of what to do next, from looking for a job to seriously considering going to: Latin America, USA, or back to the Philippines. Alas, I got a reply for my PhD scholarship application, and it’s a resounding yes, at least for one year.

As soon as I got this great news, I started looking for a new place. Surprisingly, I got accepted (yes, you practically apply to get into one!) in the one and only flat I searched online and visited last Monday. It’s a far cry from my homeless saga that took me almost three weeks to settle in a new place. It’s not the most ideal set-up, having to leave with someone who’s not my kin, but at least of a fellow countryman. Today I thanked and bade him and my old house goodbye. I’m now living in a small flat with an artist Eimsbuettel, an alternative part of Hamburg northwest of the Alster. I feel so relieved with having a new place, and a new lease on life.

My new crib

7 thoughts on “Moving on and moving in”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I’ll be working for a POS display company as a designer.
    its in Winsbergring 2, company’s name is CDE Europe.

    I will let you know once i get there, most prolly mid June.
    Looking forward to meet up.

    Have a great week!

  2. Hey Andrew,

    Just wanted to say I am finding your blog very informative and nice.. very useful for say someone like me and my wife who will be in a very short while be attempting to work and live in Hamburg.

    keep it up!

    1. Hello rimshot,

      Thanks for dropping by and glad that you pick up some pointers before you come over to Hamburg. Where are you going to work here in Hamburg? Let’s meet when you find the time.

      Have a good week ahead.

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