Climate Change Forum in Eastern Visayas

As some of you may already know, I’ll be writing my PhD soon about climate change adaptation, and most probably focus on disaster risk management. This time, I’d like to focus at the local or provincial level. After a stint with the national government and writing my thesis on national policymaking (renewable energy law), it’s high time  to go local.

I am looking for case studies in Southeast Asia. So far, I’ve got my eyes on two of the most vulnerable regions in the Philippines: Albay and Eastern Visayas. Albay already has a head start on climate change adaptation with the leadership of Governor Salceda. Eastern Visayas, on the other hand, is on their way there. Cian Palami, from Tacloban and a former colleague at NEDA who has recently finished his MBA at the AIM, tapped me to assist his group in a climate change initiative. After a few chat and email exchanges, I volunteered to help them put-together this project. They have now come up with a proposal for a two-day climate change forum. On July 1 and 2, the Philippine Science High School Eastern Visayas Campus Alumni Association is organising the climate change forum ‘Science and Society: Understanding Global Climate Change and Setting Local Actions in Eastern Visayas’. It will bring together local experts from the academe, NGOs, and the government, and the private sector.

The forum will be a valuable way to raise awareness and form a network that would work toward establishing climate change adaptation strategies in Eastern Visayas. Impacts of climate change will be more palpable at the local level, thus a turn to a regional approach to abating them is a prudent and practical action. This initiative is further supported by a national law on climate change that is already in place.

The organisers of the forum just released a call for posters that present case studies, project proposals, or any documented experience on the topic. If I would be in the Philippines during the time of the forum, I would definitely join them. For more information on the forum, kindly get in touch with the following:

  • Mary Bernadette Egloso – / (+63) (0)53 3273714 / (+63) (0) 915 383 1788
  • Mary Kristine Labanta – / (+63) (0) 928 3458022 / (+63) (0)53 5230025
  • Dr. Eulito Casas – / (+63) (0)939 6304202 / (+63) (0)53 3218299

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