Earth Hour 2010 photo tribute

And then there was darkness...

I should be out at the city center taking snapshots of the unlit Rathaus, the city’s contribution to Earth Hour 2010. The drizzle kept me from going out of my flat. More appropriately, I want to keep my camera away from the drizzle. It’s my second year to miss out Earth Hour in a big city, where most likely, the lights that illuminate a landmark in the evening, for once (every year), is enveloped in darkness. Last year I was in Berlin, and the extended winter cold snap prevente sidetracked me of my photo plans. So this year I’m paying a little photo tribute to the Earth Hour within the comfortable corners of my room. The shot above was taken with a long exposure, with the light emitted by my laptop monitor (running on battery, of course!). Fifteen minutes to go before lights on.

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