Bedtime stories

All pumped up for visitors

My flatmate and I have been discussing about mattresses and beds even before I moved in. As a DIY kind of guy, he has grand plans of hammering together a case for our mattresses and create a makeshift bed. Right now I’m sleeping on a mattress lodged on those wooden railings which acts as additional cushion.

Last week I told him my cousin Emily is visiting over soon. He again raised our mattress discussion, and a few days later produced a deflated mattress. For some reason there’s no pump around the house to make it work.  This morning I looked around for a pump at a sports shop at the city center. Good thing I didn’t buy one. (I also trawled for one but I mostly saw pump shoes.)  He came home this afternoon with one and pumped the mattress up. Now my friends and relatives who plan to swing by Hamburg have now a shelter over their head, with prior notice and consent from my flatmate, of course.  I’m a bit jealous of my would-be visitors though because their bed will be more spacious than mine. The Pinoy Hamburger bed-and not-only-breakfast is now open to serve you.


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