Presenting Pinoy Scholars in Freiburg and then some

I was in Freiburg the other weekend to present the Pinoy Scholars network I started as part of the MEG Student Organised Event cum alumni homecoming. The Pinoy Scholars network has nothing to do with environmental governance, other than me being the administrator of the blog and a former student of environmental governance. What I highlighted in my presentation are concepts in starting a blog.  Here you can see the presentation. I think they generally like my presentation, although people asked me more about the presentation tool I used rather than Pinoy Scholars itself. That’s a compliment in itself and I’ll take that as a sign of being an ‘early adopter’.

Nostalgia hit me as I took the tram that brought me to the house of my German-Filipino tandem partner in Littenweiler. It’s the same tram that I took during my first three months in Freiburg (and Germany) back in 2007. I look forward to taking that tram line again, for whatever reason the next time I travel again back to Freiburg.

The tram line 1 that passes through Schwabentor to Bertoldsbrunnen- the city center.

About half our class made it to the Freiburg. It was great to see some of my classmates again and catch up with what’s been going on with after-MEG life. Some have found jobs, some are still looking, some are doing internships, while one is fresh from a two-month holiday in Spain. My four-day visit to Freiburg is the closest to a holiday that I can get, save for Christmas in Brussels, after my Master’s and jumping right away into an internship at the World Future Council and now a PhD in Hamburg.  FreiBURG, HamBURG, what’s my next ‘burg’ city?

4 thoughts on “Presenting Pinoy Scholars in Freiburg and then some”

  1. Hi,

    I came across your website through google (what else!). I’m leaving a comment to inquire if there are still filipino students here in Freiburg. I am Filipino as well but have moved to Canada since 2004. I just got to Freiburg yesterday and would be doing an internship here. I was wondering if there are still Filipino students here that you might now. Would like to meet them! 🙂

    How’s hamburg? And how did you like Freiburg? It’s a pretty good city, it would be better if I knew German 😛


    1. Hi Abi,

      Sorry to say that I don’t know any Filipino students anymore in Freiburg. One moved to another city and another already left Germany. I know of a couple of Filipinos however who settled down there. Also, I know a German who was my German-Filipino language tandem partner. A tandem partner is ideal if want to learn German or any other language. Let me know if you want to get in touch with them.

      I really like Hamburg. Today I went walking around the city, and ended up attending a Santa Cruzan organised by Filipinos, of course. As to Freiburg, it’s a small yet beautiful city. I actually miss it when the big city life occasionally gets the better of me. Enjoy your stay in Freiburg!

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