Weather: good or bad

Flounder through flower fields in spring

The sun finally shone again, this time with a bit of warmth and wind.  Hamburgers (the people) must have scurried out of their urban dwellings, including me, like a swarm of ants feasting on morsels and  disrupted by a drop of water. Yet people tend not to avoid water under this weather; they go towards them. Parking spaces are hard to get by in the residential areas of the city, but as I got out of bed this morning at 9 a.m., one had the luxury to choose one.

While the Alster lake is right in the heart of the city, some still seek the novelty of going to and being in another place, and of course with water. Hamburg may not be tops in the weather department, but it sure beats most cities in water provision. Thanks to the river Elbe, and its countless tributaries that surround the metropolitan region.

Stalking sprin-g- or is it summer?

The day alternated between sunny-warm and cloudy. Throughout the day it was a bit windy. After the oppressive winter and prolonged early spring, I can’t be bothered to complain. In the next days the weather will dip again.

Another grass shot, this time with a power tower

While the city and the region is surrounded by rivers, one cannot swim in them- not yet anyway- because of the still cold water. I read somewhere that one can swim in the water along ships that ply the route of the river Elbe. Today I opted not to go to this part of the river, not because I cannot swim in it, but to avoid the sun worshippers that came to camp on its banks.

The predecessor of the present with turbine

The cold-wet-sunny-warm weather in the city continues. From today’s 24 degrees Celsius, the temperature recoils back to 16 degrees Celsius, with 30% possibility of precipitation. For the mean time I’m making the most of the long weekend (Monday is a holiday). The beautiful weather is a sign of good things to come. Otherwise, as what the Beatles did, I’ll follow the sun.


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