Sustainable transport and climate change don’t mix

I got and rode my own bike today. As I correctly predicted, I took too many a wrong turns and spontaneously explored other parts of the city. Hamburg, being consistent with its crummy weather (after 3 days of close to 40 degrees Celsius temperature), decided to let out a gush of rain. I ended up soaking wet and missed out on a dunner and a lecture I planned to attend. The delayed departure of the city trains added insult to injury. When it rains, it pours. Sustainable transportation, you let me down.

Edit: I just found via Gizmodo what I needed…



  1. @andeeng: +1 to public transport. what does EVOO mean? LOL

    we will eventually get back to the basics and yes, it has been that long =)


  2. whoa NMT. i am so behind in this climate change thing. my only acronyms now are EVOO courtesy of rachel ray. LOL.

    BUT, i am making an effort to reduce carbon footprint in the food we consume, take public transport, and convinced turo to do organic farming alongside hydroponics, which is his original plan.

    it’s not as easy walking the talk, eh?


  3. When riding a bike which is a form of non-motorized transport (NMT) under sustainable transport, you should always be prepared in bringing a rain coat. Don’t blame it on climate change. haha


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