PhD and Philippines

My blog posts have been coming few and far between. It’s because “I’m too busy” the perennial and always-valid excuse. It’s late Sunday morning and in my do-nothing mode. As I write this, I realized that blogging is a refreshing break from bearing with the Facebook noise- egos, emos, and mostly a combination of both.

For the past three weeks I have been working hard on my PhD. It was a struggle to put my finger on a concrete topic during the first semester. The mound of literature I’ve been tunneling through seemed to have collapsed on me. Perhaps inspired by the story Chilean miners rescue, I emerged alive from the information rubble. My rescuer is the book Debating Governance, and the author Jan Kooiman and his socio-political approach to governance to be precise. The book of Harriet Bulkeley and Michele Betsill is also very helpful. That can form part of my dissertation’s acknowledgement.

I finally came up with my third research proposal, entitled “Local governance of climate mitigation: Forms of governing, interaction, and action in Hamburg and Stockholm”. I’ve also translated it in German, courtesy of a colleague: Lokale Governance des Klimaschutzes: Regelungs-, Interaktion, und Handlungsformen in Hamburg und Stockholm.” It’s a good start.

In 20 days I will be flying to the Philippines for Christmas holidays. Before I get excited in anticipation, I need to ties loose odds and ends like sending my scholarship application, writing a report, and ironing out plans during the holidays.. And hopefully some more blogging in between.



  1. Hi Agnes,

    My dissertation is on hold indefinitely. I’ve started working again since April. I’m contemplating whether to continue with the PhD after a few years, maybe still with cities/local governance as the concentration of analysis.

    Ask NEDA Agri Staff or RDCS regarding mainstreaming of climate change in planning. They have projects on this.



  2. hi andrew! i find your dissertation topic interesting. In my province, Palawan, I think we have yet to give priority on climate change adaptation and mitigation alongside our very pressing and urgent economic concerns. I hope someday our government finds a way to “mainstream” climate change concerns in its fund prioritization.


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