Martha Stewart saves Thanksgiving dinner

Last night I was invited to my first ever Thanksgiving dinner, albeit here in Germany and a day earlier. Our host, Emily, slaved in the kitchen the whole day and made an amazing dinner- roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, the works. While waiting for dinner to be ready, we lounged in the living room just chatting and picking on the apperizters. One of the American guests who was helping out in the kitchen asked if anyone in the group knew how to carve a turkey. There was a split-second pause, as we processed and thought she was asking the wrong people. Like me, most of the guests present have never celebrated Thanksgiving dinner. But it was a valid question still, despite the three Americans in our company. We resorted to the internet, and found a pre-HD instructional video on how to carve a turkey by Martha Stewart.

On my first Thanksgiving, I thank you, Martha Stewart, for saving our dinner. Watch this video, for you’ll never know when you’ll be asked to carve a turkey.


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