Happy New Year from Berlin!

I am now in Berlin, staying with good friends Omar and Billy. I dragged along another friend and former classmate, Thea, who I have not seen in more than six years after we finished university. She is now doing her Master’s degree in Antwerp.

We successfully baked lasagna for dinner. Our plan was to celebrate the New Year countdown at the Brandenburg Gate. Because of the swelling crowd going to the Brandenburg Gate, the police has barricaded off most streets leading to that area. We took off to the parallel street of Unter den Linden to and get around to the Strasse des 17. Juni. There we waited for a few minutes and the guards let us through. From there we wove through the crowd and plodded through slush and snow. We made it as close as 75 meters away from the Bandenburg Gate. Amid the cold evening, body shoving and bumping, we watched song and dance performances. Paul Potts sang right after the countdown and during the fireworks spectacle. Later on David Hasselhof sang “I’ve been looking for freedom”, which is the same song he sang during the fall of the Berlin Wall 21 years ago.




  1. Yeah I know. I plan to go home again next Christmas. I don’t think Thea has a blog, but she is active on Facebook.

    Take care and hello to Doinks!


  2. Was not able to meet you anymore when you were here in Manila. Busy schedule, you know. haha

    Anyway, nagkita na pala kayo ni Thea. Does she have a blog?

    God bless sa PhD studies mo.


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