First month in Washington D.C….

…and the city does not disappoint. I’ve been here for a month, and the past four weeks or so went like a breeze. Many significant events have happened: a friend has visited me, OBL is dead (I was sound asleep while people trickled onto the streets to celebrate in front of the White House). The past month was fleeting and full of anticipation, like the blooming of cherry blossoms that greeted me as I arrived in the city.

I’m  staying for the mean time in Dupont Circle, a trendy neighborhood with not so trendy (read: expensive) rent. But I’m glad to be paying a fair price for a room in the happening part of the neighborhood. Bars right across the street! Grocery store a couple of blocks away! The best part is my office is just a 20-minute walk away. I found it through a friend of Tony La Vina-  a Facebook friend and a prominent international environmental lawyer with whom I share similar passion and interests.  Call me resourceful, lucky or opportunistic, but it was just a little too difficult to find a room while I was still in Germany. Craigslist-ers are just too wary of scammers that they refrain from dealing with inquiries from people not in the U.S.

I meet a lot of people in and out of work. Lunch meet ups with other colleagues at the World Bank, Junior Professional Associates, and other Filipino professionals are a normal occurrence. This adds variety to the regular people I interact with on a daily basis, with whom I also go out for lunch. is not to say are not  Speaking of the getting into the Filipino network, I’m attending a birthday party of one of the consuls in the embassy of my home country. Later tonight I might meet up in a bar with another group of Filipinos to watch the Manny Pacquiao fight.

Everyday is an exciting day, except for that one day this past week when, realizing I’ve been here for almost a month, I sensed an urgency to find a room asap. It must have been triggered by my previous precarious housing situation in Hamburg (and more about it here and finding a room here), but that is now history.

I have to cut this blog post short for I need to prepare and leave to take a look at a room just a block away. There are many more stories that I want to tell, and for sure there will be more to come.



  1. Hallo Herr Freytag,

    ich danke Ihnen und freue mich auf Ihre Kommentar. Danke auch, dass Sie mein Blog abonniert haben.

    Leider haben wir uns nicht getroffen, als ich in Deutschland war. Jetzt bin ich in den USA und muss eine virtuelle Seite bzw. ein neues Kapitel meines Lebens weiter schreiben

    Viele Gruesse


  2. Hi Andrew, es freut mich sehr, dass Du diese phantastische Position erhalten hast. Ich bin sehr gespannt auf Deine weiteren, folgenden Berichte über Dein Leben in Washington DC. Ich werde Deine früheren Berichte auch noch nachlesen. Du warst ja enorm fleißig in Deinem Blog. Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute, weiterhin viel Erfolg und viel Spass und gute Freunde in Washington. Viele Grüße – Ulrich


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