Peeping in front of the IMF

I saw at least five media vans along 19th St. parked in front of the IMF during lunch break. The satellite dishes on top of the vans face up the sky as if some stiff and snobby socialite. A number of tripod-supported video cameras were set up on the sidewalk whose lens, like the eyes of the rest of the political world, are focused on the IMF, particularly its head, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Strauss-Kahn is in custody for sexual assault charges. Did he think he was above the law or is it a smear campaign against his presidential bid?

This guy saw me taking a photo of the IMF building, and a reporter soon asked me if I’d like to say something on what’s going on. I politely declined. Like the subject of this whole brouhaha, I fled the scene.

I occasionally go to the IMF for lunch because of its more manageable cafeteria and subdued ambiance, compared with that of the World Bank main complex (MC). Today, the building and its surroundings is nothing but subdued.


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