Finding an apartment in Washington D.C.

Last weekend, I finally moved-in to my apartment. It’s right in the middle of the GWU campus, and my neighbors are of course rich students that attend the mentioned university. I’m still getting to know my neighborhood/campus. I’m even considering to take some evening classes to make the most of my location.

It’s location, location, location. And that is the reason I chose to move in here. It’s a seven-minute walk away from my office. I am a paying a hefty price but I told myself I can offset it with practically no transportation to spend for and having my lunch at home. I just hope I won’t instead spend it on Happy Hours. If you are familiar with live D.C. terrain, it’s also four blocks from the White House and a few steps from the National Mall.

The search on Craigslist and the World Bank’s bulletin board is finally over after a month and a half in the city. Aside from the occasional happy hours, I spent most of my evenings scouring apartment listings or visiting potential houses that have rooms for rent, from a basement room at the posh neighborhood of Georgetown to a spacious room in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant. The only consolation, perhaps, is getting to know the city a little better. Patience indeed paid off. I may have been living in the vibrant neighborhood of Dupont Circle, which I enjoyed- restaurants, cafes and all- but at the back of my mind, as I ate my Five Guys burger, was lingering precariousness and ‘unsettling’ thoughts.

Yesterday and today I did my groceries at the Watergate Safeway and Trader Joe’s, respectively. I realized they are a bit far out. Both are on different directions from my apartment and are about a 10-minute walk away. There is a 24-hour CVS (pharmacy/store) a couple of blocks away for urgent bread shopping. I’m not a big fan of consumerism, but there is something about Trader Joe’s that makes shopping fun. It must be the hand-written price tag labels, friendly staff, or the variety of products. Or probably all of the above. I’ve also had my internet installed yesterday and glad to be connected again. My internet-free nights were not-so-bad though because I got to do a lot of real reading.

The fridge is full, laundry is done, and my four-day weekend just started. I’m very glad the psychological baggage of looking for a place to stay is finally over. It’s time to kick back, relax, and settle down.



  1. thanks! have you settled in to your new one in LB? I’m on an ‘indefinite LOA’ for my phd. I’m moderating a community of practice on climate change and development.


  2. congratulations on your new apartment. whatever happened to your ph.D.? but am i glad you got yourself some employment. what are you up to now?


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