Of Gods and men and poets

Today was a slow day, just as I wanted it to be. At the end of the day, the slowness was turning into boredom so I convinced myself to do something different, at least if I cannot do something productive. I’ve been making a mental note to watch Thor because of the rave reviews. I ended up looking at the schedule of West End cinema, perhaps the closest thing Washington D.C. has similar to the kommunale Kino (communal cinema?) in Germany which features art films.

It was a toss between two French films, one a comedy (Potiche) and another a true-to-life film (Of Gods and Men). I chose the latter after watching the trailers of both films. I didn’t want to ruin my movie watching so I skipped reading its synopsis. The storyline of terrorism, although set in Algeria, is familiar and closer to home.

It’s difficult to imagine how tragedy is now distilled artistically into a two-hour film, yet perhaps still persists in some parts of the world.


Before the movie, there was free entertainment by a small group which performed an impromptu poetry slam to promote the premier showing of  Louder than a Bomb, a film on the same subject.


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