CO2 rise video infographic

Maybe this video won’t make a climate change believer out of a skeptic. But it sure elicited from me a ‘wow’ effect. The connected dots look like a jumping and slinking centipede. The rising ppm over the years also provide a dramatic effect, as if it won’t ever stop. I hope many scientists would present findings of their studies as compelling as this visual presentation. Bring out those data sets and transform them into this beautiful infographic, just like this video:

Source: Dystopian present



  1. You’re welcome, Chris, and thanks for the compliment. Scientists still have a long way to go to effectively communicate their work. Infographics like this is a good start.


  2. Thanks for sharing the video. I think it’s an important one which will help open eyes to the problems most are ignoring. By the way, your description was far more eloquent then mine. 🙂


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